Daily Chatter

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things keep reminding me

 I keep thinking about that little race from last Saturday.  You know the one.  The one that required the longest race report I have ever written.  The one where I got a new 50 Mile PR. 
The Bull Run Run 50 Miler. 

I don't know why I can't get it off my mind.  I guess there are just a few things that keep bringing my mind back to it again and again.  Like nearly living in my BRR hoodie.

Or the chafing that I have over 17% of my body.
No I didn't just make that figure up!

My trail Sauconys are still a lovely shade of trail dirt.  And I have no intention of cleaning them!

My bib is still displayed proudly on my fridge.  It will go in the bib keeper eventually.  Do you think it would make a good accessory at work or is that too much?

What is the appropriate length of time to be obsessed over, focused on, irritating others with, talking about you last race? 


  1. For as long as you want! It's an amazing accomplishment!

    Also, has you compared your race pics from 2010 to now? In 2012 you look younger, leaner and just plain fantastic!

  2. I HOPE their is no time limit because I am still on cloud 9 from Boston and plan on staying there for a very long time. Plus, I'm pretty sure that chaffing is going to remind you for at LEAST a month! :) You rock, my friend!
    ps--what number are you on the wait list????? are we in the 30's yet?

  3. 7 days. In public. privately, forever, long as it takes.
    My friend Roy Heger (working on 11 or 12 or 13 MMT finishes) , says " you are only good as your last race."

  4. 17% chafing? Ouch! Hope you feel better soon. And, I think you are justified in talking about this race as long or as short as you want to...it's YOUR accomplishment! Feel proud!

  5. This might be the race bib to send to make the drink coasters, if you want to keep it "forever".

  6. I think there is no statute of limitations on this one! Revel in it, enjoy it, live it! I totally get it.

  7. OWWW - that's the worst arm-pit chaffing I've ever seen. That first shower after your run must have been a doosey. Congratulations on such a great run.