Daily Chatter

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My LBM ws getting a bit long on the top.  So we did what any family does...

...gave him a haircut after Easter dinner.
It was a full service salon.

S'ghetti Girl got in on the action but had to wait a few hours before she would admit that...

...she loves her new shorter hair.

And what better way to celebrate my streak-aversary than to lighten the load give to others?!
Anything to make running 50 miles a little easier.


  1. I remember your pictures from last time you had your hair cut - it grew so much!!

  2. Good for you donating your hair. I hope I can hold out and grow my hair long enough to do that one of these days. Kiddos look great too!

    I have limited blog time this week and as you know I'm off to Beantown this weekend, so if I don't catch you again - GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!

  3. Looking good! All the best for the 50!

  4. You all look great! I'll bet that first time washing it felt funny.