Daily Chatter

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plan B

It's time to talk about Plan B.  I left hints on THIS post
Did you click and check them out? 

After the incredibly long wait to see if I got into my A Race I had to post the disappointing news HERE.

But after some encouraging words from friends I have concreted Plan B.

These two races will be the next steps in getting to my 100 mile goal. 
Since I had every confidence that I was going to get into Massanutten Mountain Trails I had already planned my fall racing schedule which I'll keep those details until closer time....

...just to make sure I can still walk, let alone run after both of these.

Do you know what today is? 
Do something amazing today and think of me.


  1. I like your plan B! I bet you'll find the perfect 100 for your first, it's out there. :)

  2. Is today your 2 year streak-iversary!?

    Sorry that things didn't work our, but in the end they will! Love the Plan B.

  3. Plan B sounds like great stepping stones for the ultimate goal!