Daily Chatter

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looking Forward

Emotions are still flying high from this past Saturday's amazing 50k.  I could post for days about all the aspects of my race experience (and probably will) but just as sweet as those memories are what I have coming next is even more exciting!

Here is also a relay and a 50k option so if  you want to join me in PA please sign up soon!

Looking forward to something is always more fun than looking back. 
What's your next great adventure?


  1. Very cool--love that you have something mapped out already. When is this one?

  2. Blogger is finally letting me post comments again :) My next big running adventure is my first half marathon - it's a long way off in November, when the Florida heat finally relents, but I'm very excited!

  3. I think Laurel is sold out.
    I look forward to seeing you at the first AS,about mile 12, Maple Summit. Give me a shout out as I sure I will be busy refilling water bottles and packs. Do you want anything special here?

  4. Goooo, Shelly! You totally rock, girl.
    Listen, I'm running my first ultra in July and would love to hear more about your training schedule. I know that you run every day but do you run a lot of medium-length runs (15-18) or more longer runs (20 and up)?
    I'd love hearing more, when you have time.
    Cheers and hope to meet up with you one of these days (or races).

  5. I always need to have a race on the horizon! I just signed up for a 50K in July and a triathlon in August - and of course clicked the link for the 50K you posted!