Daily Chatter

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playing Hookey

You will never believe what I am doing.  Go ahead, guess!

You won't guess it so I'll just go ahead and tell you.

I am sitting at my kitchen table eating a meal and sharing it with no one.
That's right.  And my house is quiet.  And I have already ran 13 miles today.
And done 3 loads of laundry.  Okay that part is not fun just necessary BUT I folded each item

Yes be jealous.
I have an entire house with a child in it for 6 hours today.
Un Heard Of!!!

It's almost like a vacation.  Well, a vacation where I still have to cook my own food and do my own laundry and clean and...Okay it's not like a vacation at all
having the chance to have a moment to just myself is, for me, priceless.
Maybe taking a day off to go to the doctor is just a cover for the need to have a moment alone.  Maybe it's a bit selfish but I know my kids will come home to a much happier mom tonight.

And with my extra time wait till you see what I've cooked up for Plan B.


  1. I should've taken a day today....this mom is not in a good place right now. Enjoy it! :) Looking forward to Plan B.

  2. What an awesome day! Isn't it amazing how good quiet can be? I loved my quiet time yesterday even though I wasn't 100%.

  3. Oh, fun! Alone time is an amazing, highly treasured thing to me...and I don't even have any kids! I love time alone. It's especially wonderful after a "don't look at me, and definitely don't you dare talk to me" day at work!

  4. Good time and very much needed. We take a kids break from time to time and it benefits us all.

  5. I'm totally jealous, even though you are still doing laundry. :o)

  6. That does sound like the most amazing day ever! lol I'd do 10 loads of laundry for 6 hrs of Logan free time....that didn't involve me going to work ;P

  7. Shelly, I have enjoyed reading your blog/race reports and have seen you at several races over the past couple of years. We actually tend to finish within the same hour plus or minus of each other. Just perusing a race I'm doing in June and saw your name on the entrants list. Good choice. Looking forward to that one. Don't know if this is part of your plan B thus the not mentioning the race name. Have fun, keep running. Al Glenn

    1. Al, You are right we have done several races together, well at the same time. You should have introduced yourself. I love to meet fellow runners. Hopefully we can share some trail time in June. Heavens knows we will be out there long enough to. Make sure you find me and say Hi. I'll probably be the most brightly dressed runner there. ;-)
      Maybe you can help pull my pace along a bit faster too.