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Friday, May 4, 2012

The things that make me run fast

Rural living is really hard to beat.  Fresh air, local milk, eggs, meat and produce all grown or raise by someone you actually know.  Small schools.  Low crime rates.  The comfort of knowing your neighbors, their kids, their kid's kids...you get the idea. 

However there are things about rural living that take a bit of getting used to.  But since I grew up here I usually don't even notice things like extra mud on the roads when the farmers are planting, noisy tractors out working super early in the morning and late into the evening or the extra fragrant air that results from too many large mammals in too little space.

Yesterday was an exception to that reality.  I should have known something was different.  Because yesterday a trifeceta of factors aligned; first the temperatures tops out at 94 with high humidity, then the local farmer decided that it would be a good day to begin emptying his slurry storage tank

and it was the day for my long hilly route.

9.5 hilly miles in 1:17
Yet another example of the things that make me run fast.

Day # 722


  1. I can relate to this! Still better than dodging cars and people in a city though!

  2. Shelly: Bummer about not making the 100-miler waiting list. But listen! You should fly up here and run the Resurrection Trail Ultra at the end of July. There's a 100 and a 50-miler and, believe it or not, there's NO entry fee. There's no aid stations the first 38-miles either, but still. There's no waiting list, either, since only about 25-30 enter each race.
    Think about it. Seriously!

  3. Ewww....that would have made me start sprinting too! I'm with the above commenter though, dodging cars and constantly stopping and starting at stoplights is so annoying!

  4. I love that you know what a slurry tank is.