Daily Chatter

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How'd August Go?

August 2012

Monthly Miles Ran: 212.1 (Year total: 2283.3 Year average: 9.4/day)
6.8 miles/day ~ 47.9  miles/week
Highest Mileage Week: 8/27- 9/02 (DM Weeks) 62 miles

Rest Days Taken: 0
The Streak:  August 31st was Day # 845 of the streak ~ 7,155.4 miles
Runs ~ ave. 8.5 miles per day/ 59.3 miles per week

None, unless chasing LBM counts

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:

I haven't bothered to single out one thing this month. 
It was equal opportunity snacking.

Non-food Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:

This month our beach vacation was the big indulgence.

Night runs on the beach

Bonding with my chica

Running at dawn on the beach during a storm


Barefoot morning runs on the beach

A new kind of technical trail

Building our washout prevention system

Taking in the view with the family

Ice skating

Sharing my "find of the run" with everyone back at the condo

Eating, eating, eating

Being silly

Watching S'ghetti girl overcome some fears

Sharing another amazing week with my kiddos
and the whole crew!
okay we are missing a few.  Sorry to the Big Kid and Biking Sherpa

Which Outfit did I Wear the Most:

One More Mile
"I might not pass you but I will out last you."

What We Are Watching:
With the Kiddos:
The Lorax
over and over and over again.

My Viewing:

Are you kidding?  Without treadmill runs I never get to watch tv.  Those kids of mine better figure out that they can watch their shows on the kid tv soon because Survivor will start soon.


Funniest/Best Kid Quote:

Conversation between Biking Sherpa and LBM while on vacation.  They were sitting together playing a game on a tablet.
Biking Sherpa, "LBM why do you have the hiccups?"
LBM, "From stealing."
Biking Sherpa, "What's stealing?"
LBM, "Rude."

Current Triumph:
Having the majority of the moving done.

Dropped a few of the pounds I need to lose.

Current Goals
To continue to work towards a family schedule.
To be prepared for the MegaTransect.
Current Blessing:
I am thankful for every single day and every person in my life. 
Current Excitement:

S'ghetti girl's fearless entry into a new school as she started the 6th grade.
The MegaTransect on September 29, 2012
yeah this could have fallen under excitement or concern
Current Concern:

The super secret spy starts a new temporary assignment at work.
Praying it becomes a permanent position.
Getting the stress LBs off before race season
Getting closer

How did your August days add up?


  1. Looks like a fun-filled August! Wow that streak just goes on and on. Kudos to you!

  2. What a month! Have you kept track of your streak's mileage by hand, or is there a way to see that via DM?

  3. "Equal Opportunity Snacking" LOL! Another great month! (But nothing new there!!!)

  4. The beach trip looked wonderful! Summer goes by so quickly. You rocked the miles, as always!

  5. What an awesome August! I need to buckle down and review mine.....I just can't believe it is September right now!

  6. I hear you on the "equal opportunity" snacking. LOL!

    845 days. MIND BLOWN! You're incredible.

    Wishing you and the fam a great September!!