Daily Chatter

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Topic of the Day

Today is a day that many, if not all of us will pause to remember.  To perhaps be thankful for everything in our lives.  The big.  The small.  The easy.  The hard.  All of it together makes us who we are so lucky to get to be.  Today we will all acknowledge that in an instant it can all be gone. 
I am thankful for my ability to find such happiness in tiny things.  My prayer would be that I can somehow share that ability with those around.  So I start that sharing with my kids and hope that they will take that ability with them through their lives.  Then in a tiny way I will have helped create some happiness in their every day lives.
Maybe you will go out a run 9.11 miles today (not a bad idea) or maybe you will volunteer your time to help someone else.  Maybe you will spend the day in prayer or in talking with others who need a friend.  What ever you do today do it on purpose.  Do it with intention.  Do it knowing that the ability to do whatever you choose to do is an ability and a privilege that many others do not have.
If you are in the mood to help others, my little red-haired (oh but he says it's orange) nephew is trying to win entry in his soccer camp at Challenger Sports  Click HERE to vote for this little cutie.


  1. What an awesome post and I voted for your cutie.

    Today is a day to remember and wish I had your 9.11 mile idea earlier. My thoughts were too scrambled to post about today as I am full of mixed feelings of remembrance, trying to spread positive energy, honoring my mom's birthday, and helping darling daughter have an awesome "special day" at school. Today is the day her class recognizes how she was made special and has wonderful gifts!

    Have a beautiful day and eager to see if you end up running 9.11 miles.

  2. My overall pace today was 9:11. Wan't even trying for that. Voted!