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Monday, September 17, 2012

Please Get Me Outta the Kitchen

The weekend is a wonderful series of days. The ability to wake up whenever I want, to allow the kids to sleep in and to enjoy a breakfast together without anyone having to rush out the door. 
On the surface doesn't it all sound so nice?  Yeah.  Fairy tales always do.  Because once you spoil your family with the "Big Breakfast" it's like that book, If you give a pig a pancake or  If you give a mouse a cookie because I think I was guilty of doing both this weekend.
Don't expect to see me posting about weight loss anytime soon
After our I'll-never-lose-this-extra-weight breakfast, I made the mistake of trying this recipe from Pinterest.  I mean I'm on there pinning away I probably should do some of the things I thing look soooo interesting, right?  But that just started the ball rolling and set my family's expectations for the rest of the weekend's menu.
 A spicy lasagna soup

Who knew making sushi rice was such a pain
Needless to say there was a bit a running to help work off some of our over indulgences, followed by an ice bath to soothe my tired legs.  Hopefully my family has had their fill of all the extras just like that little pig because my belly is starting to look a little bit like a piggy's.  Maybe I need to start pinning a few more workouts next time I am on Pinterest.
Day 861 ~ 7300.7 miles


  1. That soup looks great!

    I was just thinking the other day: "How is I burn 5,000 calories a week and still have a little belly pooch?" Answer: My husband's cooking. He doesn't know the meaning of "low fat or low cal" but I don't know the meaning of "cook" so I guess I just have to hope I can burn all this off. EventuallY!

  2. That soup does indeed look delicious!

  3. I keep hearing that Pinterest is dangerous for the waistline! Maybe I need to stay away from it. But those all look pretty darn good!

  4. I'll add this to the list of reasons to stay off of Pinterest. ;)

    Glad you had such a nice weekend, though!

  5. Pinterest is an evil addiction I can't break! But tell me more about this lasagna soup....