Daily Chatter

Friday, September 14, 2012

Things My Legs Say

Today is day #859 of my running streak.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of  7285.4 miles
come on did you really think I would not know my mileage?
and it's day 3 of doing double runs and speed work.
My double days have consisted of an 7 - 9 mile run behind the jogger with about 2 miles on gravel/dirt trails followed by an afternoon speed run of 3.5 - 4 ish miles with hills.
I am toast. 
When I started my second run today I was mentally bargaining with my legs from the very first step.  I conceded that the first mile might be a little slower but then I demanded that they pick it up. 
Since this blog is PG, I'll edit their response but it had a lot to do with kissing and a bit to do with my butt.  I got 3.5 progressive miles done in 30:46 but it may not have been pretty.
I wonder what my legs will say when they find out we have a long trail run to do tomorrow?


  1. Your legs are going to come to the party and be ready to kick some trail ass! :) Enjoy my friend....especially for those of us who can't run right now!

  2. Funny, I have conversations with my legs, too! Especially on track work out days with my Coach - they tell me they are tired and feel heavy - and I tell them to stop complaining and get to work! It's surprising how legs can have a mind of their own!