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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Not Halloween...

....so why am I scared?
In a mere 3 more sleeps I will be toeing the line at the
That usual race day nervousness that begins to build has over flowed and crossed the line where excitement, nervousness and fear all like to get together and party.  It's a place I haven't visited in quite a while.  But there is also something about feeling a twinge of fear going into a challenge that fuels my desire to face it. 
1000s of feet of elevation change. 
 2012 has been labeled Mega X since the actual course map has yet to be shared.

Checking out the results page.  Finishing times ranging from 4ish hours to over 12!!

Don't forget all the great wildlife opportunities.  I usually love those.
This Saturday, maybe not so much.

I do have several things on my side;

I usually do well on a course that I have never ran before.

The weather is to be nearly ideal for race day.
Hopefully I will be with a few other newbies to share in our naive fun.

If needed I will have some music ready to help keep the legs moving.

Having not raced or had a big event all summer, I should be carried through this event on pent up adrenaline alone.

Nerves, fear or uncertainty is bound to creep in around the edges as race day draws near.  What is important is to remember that most everyone feels it, feeling those things is NOT a sign of weakness or being unprepared, and if you are smart you'll use those feelings to add fuel to your desire to overcome the upcoming challenge.  Because the greater the challenge the sweeter the victory. 


  1. That elevation chart makes me scared too! Be careful!!!

  2. Have a great time! I was incredibly trail naive last year when I participated (won't say run!) this. There were certainly moments I questioned my sanity but it was a blast. You are more than prepared!! You are going to have a great time and enjoy those trails!

  3. Good luck managing the ore-race jitters! You'll do awesome. Have fun!

  4. Hope you have fun and a great race this weekend! I look forward to the race report. :)