Daily Chatter

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Purposeful Way

The other night I was finally updating my mileage info in my sidebar.  LBM came over and pointed at the header photo.  See it up there. 
He said, "Me in the joggy."  
I was prepared with an encouraging speech about how much fun he had in the jogger and how he needs to get back into the jogging stroller habit so mommy can run outside more often but he didn't give me the chance. 
He looked my right in the eye and said, "Mommy please let me out.  I run."

What made me think about that this morning?  It was waking up to the nice realization that I had inspired someone.  Specially, Jennifer at Decaf, please.  Her post was entitled "How does a running streak begin?" may seem to some to really be about believing in yourself.   But I think it's about coming to a realization. 
A Truth, if you will.

It's the Truth that our bodies were made to be used.  In the effort of challenging ourselves we are not wearing ourselves out instead we are refining the person we are into the person we were meant to be.  With a limited number of days to have at my disposal, I am committed to moving in a purposeful way every day to improve myself physically and mentally.  To some this might sound crazy.  To think that our bodies don't need a "day off."  Insanity, some say!  I disagree. 

This is a realization that many runners/athletes come to.  The realization that recovery does not have to mean not moving in a purposeful way.  It does not have to mean sitting on the couch that day.  Recovery simply means doing something different that day or for a few days.  It can mean moving in a purposeful way at a comfortable pace.  It can mean working more on your mind while you give your body an lighter activity for the day.
Some people get this Truth sooner than others.  LBM seems to be the child for me who gets it.  He wants to move every day, purposefully.  He seems unhappy if he hasn't run around our house or the yard until he nearly sometimes really falls over.  And while I am joyful in the completion of each and every goal I have set to challenge myself, I am ever more elated when I see those around me come to this same realization. 
Each day is an opportunity.  Each day is a chance to look beyond where your eyes have last seen.  Each day is a moment in which you could amaze yourself.  And you never know who might be watching.
Go out and inspire someone through your own insanity and move yourself on purpose, every day.


  1. It has been amazing to witness not just your number of days of continuous running, but the high mileage you put into each day! Very inspiring!

  2. ur little guy is so cute!~

    great post. u r right. everyone is different and recovery doesnt have to involve sitting on the couch.

    u r one amazing woman and athlete!

  3. Very well said. I am learning to "recover while moving purposefully". I may never be a 365-day streak runner, but I no longer proclaim to "NEED" my two days of complete rest, as I once did.

    Whereas I used to run so I could enjoy the rest... now I rest (recover) so I can enjoy the run!

  4. Great post. Just found your blog. Can't wait to read more!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I've always following the rest after racing theory, but it felt SO GOOD to run, that I couldn't help myself. It might be 365, more or less, but yup, I'm streaking!

  6. What a great post! So true. Short runs are always my favorite way to recover.

    An amazing streak--congrats!