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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday ~ The 'Weather' Edition

LBM might be following in Daddy's footsteps.  Not the running around in his underwear and rubber boots part although men do seem to like to sit around in their underwear.  But last night as LBM was heavily engrossed in using his little "knife" aka piece of wood to trim all the dandelions growing in and around the driveway, I could figure out whether that shows he will be like Daddy and get a horticultural degree or be a tree hugger like Mommy.

Day # 353 ~ 6.5 p.m. miles

I don't let the weather stand in my way of getting outside last night.  I had looked into the face of that storm and I was not afraid!  The forecast called for severe thunderstorms, strong winds and damaging hail to start around 7 p.m.  I was a window and grabbed my shoes.  I finished my 6.5 loop and was glad I had risked getting out.  Not a threatening cloud in the sky...until later.

Did you know there is a USRSA (The United States Running Streak Association)?  It is a National organization full of other insane dedicated runners who have been running every day for at least one year, some of them have registered streaks of over 40 years.  I suddenly don't seem so extreme, do I? 
Whether or not I continue my daily running streak after completing my 365 days is yet to be seen but I hope that I have shown others that a commitment to purposefully moving your body every day is something every person can do.  Whether your a full-time working mom or a busy over-burdened dad or a young person who thinks they always have tomorrow to care about their health today is the day to start the habit of good health.


  1. wow 40 years....now thats a little out there!

  2. So cool that there is a group for "you folks." You need to register.

    Love LBM's picture--such a cute little toe-head!

  3. The United States Running Streak Association.



  4. I never for one second thought you were crazy. If anything, I'm jealous of your "craziness"

  5. THAT is the cutest picture! What a sweet child you have!
    I can barely get my son in clothes when he's in the house. Actually both children. As soon as they get home from school, the clothes come off and they get "comfy". You would think I raised them as nudists or something.

    I let them go with it. A little positive body image can go a long ways in life :D

  6. Very cute pic of LBM!

    So, did you register with the NSRSA?

  7. What a great picture of LBM! I have looked up USRSA before to find out information. Will you register with them?

  8. Wait. What? A 40-year streak? I'd say go for a 41-year streak. At least. You've got what it takes. Being: liquid awesome running through your veins. :)

  9. You are so awesome...your streak is inspiring and impressive. Can't wait to see that Day #365 post :) Good luck with your strong finish.

  10. 40 years??? Wow. But I still think you're extreme. :)

  11. I can't believe anyone could run for 40 years without a day off. Don't they ever get sick? Or have life get in the way? That's committed!

  12. Yay LBM!! Love dandylions :)
    Are you going to join the organization? I hope you do and get the t-shirt and post pictures!!

  13. Can I start a ILMRB society?? I Like My Running Breaks...LOL!! You totally rock I love that you find a way to fit in a run every day, takes amazing dedication.. KUDOS my friend KUDOS!!