Daily Chatter

Friday, April 29, 2011

Time to Notice

I enjoy the awareness that running in my rural setting gives me.  Due to spending so much time following a few routes day in and day out, I have a lot of time to notice things other people pass by.
I often talk about all the wonderful wildlife I encounter now for some of the goodies that help fuel some of the running.
Each season brings me fresh offerings!
Right now I am enjoying asparagus and morel mushrooms.
I'm looking forward to all the berries that will soon be added to my fuel plan.

Nature is the very best grocery store.

What goodies are you enjoying from nature's grocery store?
I was caught off guard by a car, one of few on my road. 
Day # 354 p.m. 6.5 miles


  1. We don't grow anything but I need to hit up our local farmer's market soon! Fresh, local produce is the best!

  2. there's one route that i have that i especially love running on because it's in nature for almost all of it. very peaceful and amazing. especially in the early morning.

  3. Oh I love that you wrote this... I do most of my runs in a neighborhood, because that's where I live, BUT I rode the other night out into the country - past some farms and pastures... and ~sigh~ it was lovely.

  4. YAY for Spring (as I write that, there's snowflakes outside - yuck!).

  5. Asparagus is totally my favorite vegtable.. in fact I eat so much of it I supposedly "smell weird" but I don't know if I believe her. ;)

  6. When I lived in MN, we used to pick morels. They're good. In FL, I don't think I'd eat anythign I found by the side of the road :)