Daily Chatter

Monday, April 18, 2011

What Every One is Talking About

Day # 344 ~ could my hair get any curlier? Ugh!

This morning everyone's mind is on one thing...


well sorta.

I don't really care so much about BOSTON as I am thinking of all the great runners I know who are running today in BOSTON.
At this point so a finishing and some still have a bit to go but I know that each will have an amazing story to share.  I am so eager to hear how their journey's went.
As for me I am still living in my lastest amazement as I am sure I'll will do until my next adventure where ever and what ever it might be. 

Off to watch those runners bring in it in BOSTON!


  1. I am loving tracking all of our runners and can't WAIT to read the stories!!

  2. Loved watching boston.
    Loved your race report below even more.
    I can't even imagine running in mud puddles that deep! Way to go!

  3. For some reason, probably because I think it gets over-hyped, I kinda begin to get Boston-fatigue, and while I think it's great for those who are running it and feeling the triumph of the day, I get a little sick of reading/hearing about it.

  4. I sadly missed most of the Boston coverage today, but I'm enjoying getting caught up now :)

  5. cute picture and great job on your accomplishment, amazing!