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Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up ~ Ultra Busy Edition

Our family enjoyed a ultra busy weekend. 
We started out Friday evening with the drive from PA to VA and went right to the McCormick Observatory.

The kids loved it.  Three telescopes including the big one were open for public viewing.  The history surrounding the observatory was very interesting as was the museum.  Best thing, FREE!

Saturday morning we were up and off the the Farmer's Market.  Being early in the season the offerings were limited however we enjoyed seeing what vendors were there and sampling a few homemade tastes.

Of course for the kids the best vendor had puppies! 
Since we already parent two dogs and a cat, none of them came home with us.

No trip to C-ville is complete without time spent on the mall.  There is always live entertainment, good food and interesting people to see.

The kids and I went into the Discovery Museum. 
There were several different "discovery" areas to enjoy and something for all age groups.

LBM enjoyed climbing everything he could.  
Ouch $$$.
  It was entertaining for them however it was very expensive and not something we will probably do again.

LBM rode the carousel and would have stayed there for hours. 
I think he was hitting on the little Cindy-lou-hoo girl in blur.

Next up S'ghetti girl and I enjoyed the movie HOP
LBM enjoyed a nap so he missed out of a great show...

...and waaay too many snacks.

After all the activity we went to a Japanese steak house. 
It was delicious and entertaining.

I finished my evening with a quick run and joined the family for some down time.

Sunday morning meant breakfast and driving which can make for a hectic day.
So we stopped off at a great park we drive by on our usual route to indulge in an hour of play.
Getting home a little later was well worth the fun we had.

Sunday evening was my last long hard run before this Saturday's 50 miler.
11 miles a bit too fast on legs that didn't want to be running left me eager for bed.

Monday morning.
Day # 330
I woke up with unrested legs that had no desire to run.  How odd!
After slightly over 2.5 miles I finished with time to stretch but no time to ice my over used legs.
Maybe it was the travel time, maybe it was the busy weekend that had no regard for my personal daily routine, maybe it was the 11 too fast miles the day before.  Whatever is was it was a reminder that in the days prior to a race I really can not do anything to improve my performance at the race but I sure can do things that will hurt my performance. 

I tell myself that 2.5 miles is just right and know that when I go farther than 32 miles ~ the longest I have ever run at one time ~ I will be so happy that I allowed my legs a little "rest."

A mileage junkie to the nth degree


  1. Phew, I'm tired just reading your post. What a fun and busy weekend! Sounds like you had a great time!! Good luck with the race on Saturday!

  2. That Museum looks awesome!

    What a blast!

    I'm so excited for you and your 50 miler!!


  3. What a fun weekend for the whole family!

    Give those legs some extra love this week. Big day coming up!!!

  4. sounds like a great weekend with the family! so happy for you.

  5. looks like the kids had a blast.
    rest those legs!

  6. OMG you are almost at a year of running straight, i love it!!! i really am missing my daily run, but keep telling myself it's for the best

    what a fantastic weekend. I love when they can experience new things!!

  7. What a busy weekend! And that you're still streaking is amazing!

  8. what a weekend! love it! and i really love the last paragraph or so about nothing at this point can improve your performance given how close you are. rest up this week and then go kick some ass and take some names :)

  9. you did have a busy weekend! It sounds wonderful.

  10. Saturday was one of those special days for your family that they will always remember. Sometimes it's good to say hang the expense and just go and have fun.
    Good luck with your race.

  11. They say that tapering before a big run is hard (haven't had to do that yet), so try enjoy it as much as you can. Good luck for Saturday.

  12. Sounds like an awesome family weekend. I know the costs of those weekends really add up and that can cause so much stress...but now and then it's a nice treat! Loved the snacks S'ghetti girl had :).

    Good luck on your race, I am sooo excited for you I can hardly stand it!!