Daily Chatter

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Racing the storm

I watched out the window all day at work.  I saw the sun shining.  I saw the birds busy at the nests.  I saw the breeze blowing the blossoming trees.  It was wonderful to think that spring was finally here to stay.

Until 4:50.

That is when I remember that spring equals thunder storms because it began to down pour.  I thought all hopes of getting outside for a run where lost.

But just as quickly as it had begun the rain stopped.  The skies brightened.  I knew there was a window of opportunity.  I quickly picked up the kiddos and headed home.  We briefly paused to move a gorgeous orange box turtle off the road. 

Army Son was thankfully home and willing to help. 
I quickly changed my clothes and headed out the door. 

After a mile and a half I saw the second turtle of the season was one of the two giant snapping turtle who I have seen each year at the bend in the creek.  He was swimming in the water that had ponded in the field.  I'll look forward to more encounters as the days pass.

I cruised along enjoying the breeze and didn't notice the dark clouds filling the cove from the south until I was nearly half way around my egg shaped looped course.  I watched over my shoulder as the dark clouds hugged the far ridge line and quickly over took me.  Luckily my route took me back across the cove and back along the opposite ridge line.  I made it home in time to watch the dark clouds begin to spill across the cove and tumble over the mountains near my house.  S'ghetti girl and I stood on the porch and watched as the lightening lit the darkening skies knowing I had raced and beaten the storm.
This time.

Day # 352 ~ 6.5 evening run


  1. If you ever need to see another turtle... well, I could come run near you. ;-)

  2. It's a little scary, but sometimes I just love the rush of being out there while a storm is brewing... it's so rewarding when you make it back in time!

  3. I saw a little box turtle on my run yesterday, too!

  4. Cool pic...how did you do that?

  5. We've been hearing about some mighty big storms that you've been having over there. I hope you're out of the firing line of all those twisters.

  6. gorgeous turtle :)
    So glad you got out there and beat that storm!

  7. AWESOME pic... thank God you made it.

  8. I had the same experience tonight...minus the turtle...had to race home to avoid super dark skies that rolled in from nowhere:) glad you made it home!

  9. Thanks for saving the Turtles, I am a Turtle lover.. We get lots of rain but not too many storms, love your description..

  10. Thunderstorms seem to be the way of life for the last couple weeks here. We don't see turtles here though. They certainly look cute.

  11. It has been forever since I have seen a turtle! But storms...we have them!