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Friday, March 2, 2012

Apples to Apples

You most likely have heard the expression, apples to apples.

The expression not the card game.

It's an expression used to describe comparing like things.
As I prepare for tomorrow's race, the Seneca Greenway Trail 50k, I have to remind myself that I need to compare apples to apples.  But in ultra trail running a sport filled with far more lemons, mangoes and star fruits than apples, accurate comparisons are hard to come by. 

While I am not interested in comparing the actual events against one another I am interested in being able to compare my preformance from one event to another.  That will not be easy after last Saturday's amazing running at the Hashawha Hills Trail Run 50k.
oh you missed it, read about it HERE

So how can I possibly set any type of goals to help stay focused as I wait out the final hours?
Let's look at some facts.

This course previously held my 50k PR - 2011 6:06
I just ran a new 50k PR last weekend.
I have already ran 45 miles this week.
This is to be a training run.
The forecast is for rain, rain and maybe a few thunderstorms.
I am training for a 100 mile race.  This is not the A race.

All of those facts lead me to think I should simply run this for "time on my feet."
But let's look at some other facts.

This course held my 50k PR last year Shouldn't I be faster this year?
I just ran a new 50k PR last weekend.  So is it all downhill for the rest of the year?
I have already ran 45 miles this week.  Last week I ran that much too.
This is to be a training run.  Does training have to mean slow?
The forecast is for rain, rain and maybe a few thunderstorms.  One of my favorite 50ks was held in the rain.
I am training for a 100 mile race.  This is not the A race.  But what if I don't get in to that A race?

It is the day before the run and as you can see it will be anyone's guess as to how the day plays out.  I'd love to say that I will be shooting to better my 6:06 course PR from last year.  I'd love to say I've learned a few things and I'll be running strong and steady for a solid training run that doesn't involve any bloody knees.  I'd love to say I know what my "plan" is but I don't.  I do know that after Ed Schultze our race director says, "Ready.  Set. Go"  I'll start putting one foot in front of the other and I won't stop until I cross that finish line.  I am certain that by the time I get there, I will have figured it all out.


  1. Good luck Shelly! I hope you have an amazing run (which ever way you decide to run it). Can't wait to read about it - your posts always inspire me to run (more) ultras. :)

  2. Good luck tomorrow chica! Anytime the going gets tough just try to channel the feelings from last week to help push you through!

  3. Have such a good race tomorrow. I am feeling like you will do awesome!!!

  4. I love that game, it's one of my favorites! Good luck with your race!

  5. Which ever way you swing, just remember to enjoy the ride! :) Have a blast and best wishes to you!

  6. I totally understand not knowing your plan before you go into a race. I am sure you will get it sorted out but I know you will rock!

  7. Good luck and have fun! Will be waiting to read the race report!

  8. I saw on Facebook that the race might be canceled for the weather, but I hope for your sake that they don't do that! Be careful out there in the mud, remember a sound body is worth more than a faster time. :)

  9. Just started reading your blog. I never knew about US Running Streak Assoc. - Thnx. My coach runs 2 miles every day, but I think this is just a local club thing. Gotta think about this one - today is my rest day, but I'm liking this idea.

  10. Excited to see what this race holds!

  11. I truly love your blog Shelly. Best of luck on your run!

  12. I love Apples to Apples - the card game ;) lol

    and I hope you PR big time! If not, no worries you are already doing so much more than the rest of us: running EVERY day, running LONG, running FAST, running HARD and you just PR'd on the 50k! so I am hoping for the best for you b/c I know you're capable but I wouldn't get too down on yourself if you don't get one. :D you're awesome anyways!

  13. i may not comment because i suck...but i'm waiting for the report!!