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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Return of Biking Sherpa, tired legs and amazing runs

Today is day # 677

I've had the best week of runs.  I don't know what has been different but every single run this week I have wanted to keep running.  Thursday evening I was so pumped from my run, the kids and I went to the church paved parking lot to ride and stayed until well after it got dark.  It was still warm and humid at 8 o'clock.

Last night I had the much-absent Biking Sherpa with me. 
I know.  I know.  You wanted her photos.  Not mine
We flew through our usual loop.
That is when it hit me.  My legs are tired.
Like, really tired.  Totally.
I grew up in the 80s it haunts me some times.

I knew Biking Sherpa was pushing me to keep a fast pace but my legs were tired enough that I actually complained about how tired they were.  I didn't stop mind you, I just mouthed off about how tired I was.  But with Biking Sherpa three are always such good stories that I fight to keep up with her little biking behind.

We talked college classes, interesting guys, family matters, dents in cars, creepy guys, law enforcement and burial arrangments.  We covered it all.

Our miles flew and we finished in record time
6.5 in 47:27
With all the happy adrenaline flowing I hopped on the treadmill for a slow 2.5 to get my vampire fix.
I am addicted to Vampire Diaries.
It wasn't long after I finally sat down for the evening that those tired legs found me again.  They woke up with me this morning too.  I talked them into my morning miles and they felt great again...
until I got to the big girl job and sat down for an hour.  The tired legs came back.

So I looked at my running history.
I don't really like to say training because that implies work.  It's all fun to me.
I don't know why my legs are so tired. 
I have been doing a great job of taking a "rest-ish" day and keeping my paces slower these in-between training race weeks.  The "plan" was for 20/10 this weekend but with another 50k in a week I'm thinking a plan adjustment is in order.  Between Biking Sherpa and the Vampire Diaries addiction, I know I could suck it up and do the miles but I think the body is saying I need a step back.  Swapping some of my weekend running miles for hiking miles sounds like just the right kind of break I need.  How better to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than surrounded by a green forest?!

Are you listening to your body or do you let "The Plan" rule?
How will you celebrate St. Patty's Day? 


  1. I'm only 3 weeks into my training and I've already skipped a 5K. My legs were fried. Totally fried, totally. It wasn't a decision I was happy to make because I'd stuck to my training plan, but I'm hoping it makes a difference when I hit my unknown o 23K tomorrow, the furthest I've ever run.

    Oh, and I'm scared.

    And buying compression sleeves.

  2. You are amazing and look great in your pics. I have just started trying to watch netflix on the mill, so i will have to check out the Vampire Diaries.

  3. I think once you've been a runner for a while, you get better at knowing when to push through and when to take a non-planned step back. Experience is more important than training plans! :)

  4. I'm not surprised your legs are a little weary. They've done some big races in the last couple of weeks. It's bound to affect you a little. But they'll be back in no time if you treat them kindly and go at the pace they want.

  5. I'm visiting for the first time, and your streak is so impressive! Wow!

  6. Yeah, I don't get why the legs get sore some weeks, and others, they are fine and it may or may not be due to mileage or intensity. I'm reading about Nutrient Timing (I'm sure the Vampire Diaries are much more entertaining), I'm guessing that & sleep have something to do with it.

  7. I've never, ever had a 'plan' as such. I've listened to my body, trained sporadically, never done any great mileages, always treated running as fun, and just trained according to how I felt on any particular day. It worked for me.