Daily Chatter

Friday, March 9, 2012

L. O. & T.s

Day # 670
What running the Seneca Greenway Trail 50k showed me:

I learned that more than any other running goal, I want to be like this man

Oldest finisher at Seneca!
I learned that when traveling with the super secret spy, I should always drive.
I learned that mud isn't stronger than me even if its a foot deep.
I learned again that my mind is 1000% stronger than my body will ever be.
I learned that when I run with others I really never stop talking.
I learned that just when I think I've ran my favorite course I run another favorite course.

I noticed that I end up running alone because I never stop talking.
I noticed that I can ignore that fact that some runners don't like cheerfulness after 15 miles of mud.
I noticed that some runners care waaay too much about getting to the finish line quickly.
I noticed that no matter how many times you say thank you, people still like to hear it.

I wonder how many runners missed the after picnic because they didn't know where it was this year?
I wonder if I could have run a faster race if I had gotten there sooner?
I think my kids will look back on the day mommy ran for 7 hours and then went to see The Lorax

 before even getting a shower and know how much I love them.
I  still wonder if my family knows how much ultra running is a part of who I am?
I think I am beginning to feel like 31+ miles isn't really that long.
I wonder how I'll survive waiting until March 24th for my next race?


  1. I'd run with you! I need someone to talk TO me while running. I don't necessarily want to be the talker, but I like the distraction of conversation and someone else's company -- so I'd love to have a talker like you along!

  2. Wish I could look at 31 miles the same way you do!

    You are such an inspiration. It is so clear you were meant to run trail runs - you get such joy out of doing them!
    Keep it up, I love reading your race reports!

  3. I will say again - you were made for this! You WILL be that man. Well, sort of...

  4. I'm with you on the driving instead of your hubby. It's way less stressful.

  5. HEHE not sure how cheerful I would be after 15 miles of mud..

  6. Amazing how a shower is just another "thing" to us running moms. If we get one, great. If not, we'll live. I'd rather run & spend time with the kids than miss one of those things b/c I had to look pretty. Great job on the race too. 31 miles IS a long way too....at least to me. :o)