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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The HAT Run 50k - The Night Before

Since the super secret spy celebrated his birthday last week, we had planned an evening away without the kids to celebrate. Foolishly we hadn't taken the day off work but were planning on meeting after work to avoid using a vacation day unnecessarily. Little did I know the fun that would transpire.
After my work day I picked up the kids from the sitter and got them dinner. Their evening plans were to attend a sleep over at the sitter's house with a dozen of their friends but the drop off time wasn't until 8 p.m. Thanks to Grammy B, the kids would enjoy some time with her so that I could start the drive to meet the super secret spy half way to our hotel. However a phone call from him let me know that he was running late. Really late. Knowing that we were trying to spend some time together without the kids I didn't offer to just go to the race solo and instead said I would delay my departure and pick up a new tube being cheap and not just buying new bladder for my camelbak. 
What would this be? Mistake #1? and 2?
I arrived at our meeting place early so I started to put my camelbak together. After struggling for about 30 minutes in my car to get the quick connect adaptors off I realize there was a police officer sitting in his car behind me watching. Weird. I guess I wasn't a threat because once I realized he was watching me and made him aware that I saw him, he promptly left.
Feeling non-threatening and successful for having gotten my camelbak ready for use, I filled it up only to realize that I couldn't find it's cap. Make this mistake #3. Are you seeing a pattern? The spy arrives. As it is already 10:30 we quickly drive to get a new bladder that will work for my camelbak. We load his things into my car and we are off towards the hotel.
Within minutes and sensor light comes on inside my car. This has been the one issue with my wonderful 160,000+ mile car. It is usually a light that we can not ignore without serious driving difficultly. So we turned around and drove back to get the super secret spy's truck. 
Planning to take my car; mistake #4.
Finally we arrive at our hotel at 1 a.m
It's going to be an interesting race was my final thoughts before falling to sleep.
...to be continued...

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