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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Heat and it's playmate Humidity

Today is day # 681
50 days to my 2 year run-erversary!

The weather on my end of the East coast has been Ah-mazing!

When my family is in Virginia my runs already have to be worked in around the Heat.  The Heat is an issue that I usually don't have to start factoring in for at least another month.  Even back in PA I am wearing shorts and tees on every run and I finish my run a dripping mess.

The Heat.  It begins to take on it's own persona as it becomes yet another factor to be weighed when planning my days. 
It's a welcomed friend in the mornings when I can grab and tee shirt and shorts and run out the door.  There is no need to make certain that my base layers was washed or my tights can be found, I can get up early and hit the road.
The Heat has a less friendly side as the day goes on.  What started as an easy run can quickly become an event in planning as the mercury climbs.  Thoughts of distance, duration, hydration and protection all have to be handled before I step out the door once the Heat begins sharing the day with it's playmate, Humidity.  They can be a bully of a combination.  Afternoon runs have to be pushed to later in the day or inside once those two team up. 

Although I've been lured out on more miles thanks to the mostly friendly side of the Heat , I know that come this Saturday at The HAT Run,
read about my 2011 Running of the HAT Run HERE
I might have to deal with his friend Humidity too.  And I'll be ready!

But no matter what the weather brings this weekend I am eager to have another race to help me get one step closer to that A goal this year;

It's only Tuesday. 
Are you already looking forward to the weekend too?
What are your big plans?


  1. we actually ran with water on our long run this week. As much as I am loving being in a T and skirt I can't believe that it got this hot this quick!! Happy running:)

  2. Humidity and all you are going to crush Hat Run!

  3. I hope you are able to conquer HAT like a pro--humidity be damned!

    I have my final long run for Boston--doing it on a dozy of a hilly course, all 22 miles of it. Looking forward to it!

  4. I feel like we didn't get enough winter this year, I'm not ready for heat and humidity yet! I feel like it's going to kick my butt this summer. :)

  5. I can't believe you're going to run that! I just saw that run on tv....at least I think it was the one featured on "the perfect runner" - the nature of things.

    It looked crazy. and I hate humidity where I live b/c it's heavy and the pollution sucks, but humidity in Hawaii was alright and I can't wait to go back. lol

  6. It's already warm here in IL, too. As for your weekend question, YES.

  7. Haha - Love your last picture. I have a ChiRunning hat just like that. :)

    My big plans for the weekend are to take a road trip down to the Ice Age trail and run trails for nine miles while Hubby and some ultra friends run for 3-4 hours. :) I am really looking forward to it. Run time on the trails, hiking time on the trails, and no doubt a lot of time to read a book. :)

  8. I hope it's not too muggy out there for your race this weekend! We need to get used to this again.

    What happened to spring??

  9. I'm with you - the shorts are so nice and easy but then the tradeoff is rough. Good luck this weekend! I'm hoping the rain holds off so I can get some cycling in.