Daily Chatter

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

L.O. & Ts

My take aways from the 2012 HAT Run 50k


When will I learn that there isn't enough Glide on the planet to keep me from chafing in the middle left part of my back. 

I can talk fairly non-stop for about 5 hours if someone is willing to listen. 
Probably even if there isn't anyone around to listen, too.

Salt via olives works wonders for me.

I can run up hills even if those around me want to walk.

I want to always be the lead runner.  (see observation below)


Chafing can happen any where.  It does not care if it gets, let's say, personal.

Trail running is like crack to me.  But crack that makes me giddy and cheerful not willing to steal to get more of it or forget about personal hygiene.  Although while trail running I do stop caring if I am fifthly and stink.  Maybe trail running is even more like crack than I thought. 

On the trails runners often do whatever the "lead" runner does, i.e., walk a hill, charge a creek, go around mud.

It is super fun to have a fellow runner tell you mid-race that they love your blog.  Thanks to those reading that shared (put up with my chatter) the trails with me at the HAT!


Eavesdropping on other runners early in the race would have lead me to believe that I was running with a field of super stars.  I think I zoned out for a couple miles simply listening to three male runners play a game of one up with each other. 

I think I'm due for a non-muddy ultra soon.  That 50 miler in two weeks would be nice.

Getting my gear ready sooner might eliminate some of my stress. 

Running in the rain and mud is badass!  Too bad the photographer didn't brave the weather to get those amazing photos of me smiling through it all.

If I could, I'd run the HAT course every.single.year!


  1. Love the lessons, and I have TOTALLY been there listening to people do the "one up" thing during races. It definitely is entertaining!!

    Great job on the race as always! Congrats! :)

    1. Thanks!
      I just wish my trail memory was better because sometimes those stories are funny enough to repeat!

  2. Yeah, Body Glide is a life-saver, huh? I started chaffing on my right arm pit...never had that occur in the previous 400 years of running but suddenly this year it's an issue. And it hurts like hell cuz I keep forgetting that I chafe there since I never have before. Haha.

    I just read your RR for the 50k. You are so incredibly strong and I so admire you! One day I hope to be able to finish a 50k...and no way in heck you will want me to run with you...I am super slow. But I'd love to come out that way one day and run one that you do also. Then we can compare notes after! :)

    You rock, girl!!!


  3. Stopping by to say " YOU ROCK!! "
    AMAZING running Shelly!!!!

  4. You're awesome! Such an inspiration! I'm going to learn a lesson from you and run up each hill during my half this weekend. :)

  5. How long does the trail-running crack high last? Your post sounds so happy that I'm thinking it lasts about a week or so.

  6. Thanks for the posts. I really enjoyed reading your race recap of The Hat race. I think you may have inspired me to run a 50K one day. I have only done a couple of marathons, but I feel I am getting stronger. I would love to run longer. Maybe one day.

  7. Sounds better than any drug out there! So great that you have found what does it for you in life. Many people never reach that point. Run with it! (love that pun?)

  8. I totally eavesdrop on other runners, too. It makes me laugh. As for the chafing, ouch!! I have recently discovered and fallen in love with trail running. Do you ever worry about animals? I do.

  9. i love listening and watching others, it is a good time

    here's to hoping for your next ultra to be mud and chafe free

  10. Damn that chafing! That run looked so muddy - I don't know how you did it!