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Friday, March 23, 2012

2012 HAT Run 50k Goals

My 2011 running of The HAT Run was such a positive experience I am not only eager to have another 50k to run but this one in particular is one I have looked forward to.  This race is to be a training run a fact best illustrated by the 50 miles I have already run since Monday however the trail conditions are to be amazing and I can't help but think that if I am having a perfect running day that I might just better my course time.  Well, it could happen.

As always the biggest goal is to run in such a way that I am able to run every day it is mostly with that goal in mind that I set and publicly announce my 2012 HAT Run goals.

To arrive on time. To start. To finish.
aka: Finish Feeling Fine having Fun
Okay I have been here before so even though I am geographically challenged (I am. I have a card. It's a club.) my car's GPS is not but the super secret spy is coming too so who knows what might happen. 
Another speeding ticket? Maybe.

My I CAN goal:
Finish in under 7:00 
I say this because barring an injury or major GI issues this course should allow even my tired legs to do that.  Should being the most important word to notice in that sentence.

My I LOVE IT goal:
To finish within 31 minutes of my PR.
With a current PR of 5:59:33 my I LOVE IT time would be 6:30.

My I DREAM IT goal:
Under 6 hours. aka a new 50k PR

 We had a loss locally of a wonderful man only 40 years old.  He was a husband and father of three girls.  He was active and involved in kids sports and the community.  He passing was sudden and unexpected.  In light of this reminder I will take all the positive experience I can from this race and it's runners and volunteers no matter how my body chooses to perform on Saturday.  I will not forget to share those tree sheltered miles with prayers for those who can not be out there with me.  I ask as you run or play or love your family this weekend, you purposefully pause for a moment to acknowledge the gift, the blessing, of being able to do it. 

Saturday I will run because I can and remember those who can't.
I know that on any given day I just don't know what I am capable of until I amaze myself doing it.


  1. Have a wonderful race tomorrow! And thank you so much for the reminder to be mindful of the gift. That's been lacking for me lately, and I will keep that in my heart this weekend. :)

  2. I'm so sorry for the loss in your community. My heart goes out to his family. :(

    Good luck and have a great run this weekend.

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I have my money on a 6:30 finish for you :)