Daily Chatter

Friday, November 30, 2012

Busting at the Seams

I have a pair of shoes. 
They have been like that friend that you have that no one else seems to understand why you like.  So you try to down play their flaws in the hopes that you can make them more likable to everyone else.  These shoes worn oddly from the very first week.  The bottoms are worn into a wedge from landing on the outside ball of my foot putting a lot of stress on the outside seams of the shoe.  As you can see where the "leather" was sown to the mesh fabric on both shoes, the seams have torn.  I have worn these shoes on groomed trails so I assumed that the extra stress on those seams from the often titled terrain and my foot strike aided in the early demise of these shoes.  There I go, making excuses for my friend.  But the seam on the inside where the "leather" meets the fabric has also completely torn.  
But I still pull these on.  I have other new shoes still sitting in their boxes but when I am just hitting the mill or going out for a short run up the road, I grab these sad shoes.  I just feel so bad for them.  They just didn't live up to the logo they boast on their sides.
So this morning I pull the dryer sheets out of them -
 What?  Am I the only one who puts dryer sheets in their stinky shoes?
- and pulled them on thinking it was going to be a short run day.  They clearly are not  the shoes to wear for a 14 mile run which is what my morning turned out to be.  But since their life has been so short it's hard to let them go.  They probably thought they were destined for so much more. 
Did you ever have a pair of your loyal shoes fail sooner than expected? 
Did it cause you to switch brands?


  1. Is it a model you usually wear? I've tried plenty of different models and brands that ended up not quite right but my tried and true's have never come up short. Bummer.

  2. I actually did switch shoes because they were not holding up. but I gave them two tries and in both pairs the mesh in the toe box ripped out! It all turned out great though, because I love the new model I have been wearing!

  3. Maybe you got a lemon. I have tried many shoes in my time, but I always go back to Nike and they've never let me down. Now I have clothes that I will not get rid of, even if it has holes, I'll wear it. I just cannot part with some things for some reason. Like they have feelings.

  4. You know what - I can totally relate to this post because I'm currently on my 3rd pair of the same shoe and I can feel that they're done and I've only run 140miles in them (!!)

    My foot is giving me some minor issues recently so I think I'm going to test out some other shoes :)

  5. Im sooo loyal...until a brand fails me ONCE :-)
    Im tough that way...