Daily Chatter

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Game On

Just when I think I stuck, when I want to hide in the bathroom and cry my eyes out, when I want to literally
the skies brighten and amazingly things just work out.
Okay they didn't magically just worked out but after many several plans failed, I finally have a plan for making sure the kiddos have a great time while I am out in the woods frolicking with my trail brethren.  Thanks to my sisters and my mom the kiddos will be having a blast spending time with family.  They will be happily cheering me on in spirit which will ease my mind so I can focus on my race.

Armed with a grateful heart I headed out for a quick p.m. run.  Although I had already ran 10 miles this morning before The Plan came together, another run would give me a chance to test out my fresh pair of Saucony Trail shoes that I will be wearing on Saturday. 
It is amazing how light I can feel with the weigh of worry lifted from my shoulders. 
 Now it's just that little detail of running 50 miles...


  1. I'm glad to hear it's worked out for you. Hope to run into you at the start, I doubt I'll see you after we take off. I'll be the one in the rear trying to keep from getting timed out.

  2. Yay for you that things are working out! What Saucony trail shoes are you wearing? I love the Peregrines.

  3. Awesome! Very happy for you. Good luck!!

  4. Yay! Great to hear that your plans have worked out and you can clear your mind from all except running bliss! Cheers!

  5. Awesome on the good news and love that picture of LBM. :)