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Monday, November 26, 2012

HBBC Week 1

Monday:  9.55 Miles 
With the start of HBBC I wanted to make sure I'm not just running to simply "get points" because that isn't the point.  I want to focus on being healthy during what can easily be a busy time of year filled with extra indulgences. 
Tuesday:  9 Miles
I started my day with some yummy food trying to use up some left overs. 
After last nights dinner I knew I had some steamed veggies.  That meant I had enough to add them to my eggs for breakfast and then my salad at lunch. 
Sorry I was too hungry to remember to take a photo of the deliciousness.
Wednesday:  9.61 miles with local running friend, Chris. 
A nice mix of trails and roads while I explored some new running routes.
Then rounded out my miles on the TM to keep things neat.  10 miles for the day.

Thursday:  8 dark Miles.  Thanksgiving was filled with housecleaning, cooking and family visiting.  Some extra housework pushed my run until after Thanksgiving dinner.  I enjoyed running back on my home turf even in the dark.

Friday:  8 Miles.  More house cleaning clean sweep style, extended family visiting, and family game time.
Saturday:  10 early miles followed by a day of house cleaning.  Isn't a holiday meant for resting?  I missed that part.  I was excited about my run in the early morning because I had gotten a Twilight movie to watch since I would be on the treadmill.  Not so excited when I realized that I had gotten the wrong one. 

 Sunday:  6 Miles.  Early quick miles, church, a church lunch with a visit from Santa and you guess it, more cleaning before we piled in the truck to return to Virginia.
60.55 miles
7 Pts for FV
Hopefully this week I will be able to keep the FV going, add the WOW and maybe not do quite as much cleaning.
How did your first HBBC week go? 
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I've loved the different seasons I've run in this week. A mild day out and about in VA to snow flurries in PA days later. Always something interesting!

  2. Way to log those miles girl! Wow the kids are getting so big!

  3. I love reading about how you fit it all in. Even when it's not easy to fit it in!

  4. Great first week of HBBC! And kudos for writing a recap of it! But what I really wanted to say is, thank goodness I am not the only one too hungry to actually take a picture of the yummy things I create....when I do!

  5. I saw your mileage on DM, and as always, I was envious! Awesome work.