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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chime In and Join Me

Day # 913 ~ Double Day a.m. 8 miles - p.m. 6.2 miles
Even though the temperatures have plummeted re-hydrating was still on my mind after my run last evening.  I mixed my glass of chocolate milk and realized that I still hadn't figured out what I was going to use for hydration during Stone Mill.  With the Stone Mill 50 miler less than a week away it is a decision I need to make soon.  
I am looking at getting a pack with a bit more storage but one that is sized better for my body than the giant Camelbak that I used during Laurel Highlands. 
These are two packs I am looking at.
Nathan Intensity Race Vest
Basically they are the same.  The Intensity is supposed to be sized for a female body.  I am hoping someone will have first hand experience with one or the other to let me know...
1.  Was there enough storage.  What could you carry?
2.  Did you get the Nathan HPL and think it felt too big?
3.  What about the valve?  Did you have any trouble with it?
4.  Any issues with the pack shifting and causing chafing?
I've read a ton of reviews about packs but can't find them locally to try them out for fit.  Since I still have the scars on my back from chafing during FOTM, I am hopeful that I can finally find a pack that stays put and keeps me supplied.
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  1. I have used a Camelback for ski trips, it came with a cleaning kit which is key for me - I don't know if they make something for 50milers. Never used a Nathan HPL, I don't run that far! That's crazy miles - good luck!

  2. I have the Nathan Endurance and love it. I'm not sure how it compares to the others, but it has enough storage for my needs. I typically will throw in my keys, id, some money, several gels, granola bars, etc into the back pocket. Up front, I carry my cell phone and an extra gel or such on the left. ON the right, there is a big enough pocket for an extra water bottle, but I usually put my camera there. What I like about the Enduance that the others don't have are two small pockets higher up on the vest straps. One is a water resistant pill pocket. The other, I stuff some toilet paper in (ya never know!). I like the Nathan valves. I usually leave it in the open position, little to no leak issues. The vest fits snug against my back, and I've not had any chaffing issues either. I'm quite pleased with it.

    Oh, I noticed you said SM50 was less than a week away. It's 10 days (Nov. 17th). Just clarifying, I once showed up to a race a week early and wondered where everyone was. I hope to bump into you at SM50!

  3. Oh, and I ordered mine through Running Warehouse.


    Free two day shipping!

  4. I have the intensity. It holds plenty of water, there is a small pouch in back where I put tissue and hand sanitizer, a luna bar. I can shove a light jacket in with the bladder if I need to.

    There is a front zip pocket that holds quite a bit of gels - at least a half dozen probably. There is also a pocket on the other side, I usually put my phone or camera in there.

    I find that it has plenty of room, I used it for Moab and pretty much all my other ultras and trail runs.

    Very comfortable. I am tiny and had major issues with Camelbak's hitting me in funny places and chafing. No chafing with this one.

  5. I've never used a hydration pack so I'm useless here. I also don't like bustin' my bootie during the holidays. So, I'm out.

  6. I have the Intensity and love it. I can cram everything I need in it somewhere. In the front pockets, I can get a camera and easy access to snacks. The section with the bladder when full it pretty much all used up but the other smaller zippered part is enough for some more snacks, keys, extra pair of socks, etc. I can cram a jacket under the elastic pieces on the back. No chafing issues as long as I have the straps pulled tight enough. I had to replace the valve once after it started leaking but otherwise no issues!

  7. I have never worn that brand but have worn both Camelback's made for men and women...must say the one designed for women was a MUCH better fit that didn't rub, shift around, or bounce when I ran.

  8. I have the intensity and LOVE it. I put far too much stuff in it honestly, but it's been wonderful for longer training runs. Headlamp, flashlight, kleenex, phone, gels, gloves, hat (you name it it's been in there). I have no chaffing issues with it while running so far, but it's long sleeve weather here. I also have no issues with it shifting or bouncing.

    I second runningwarehouse.com for ordering it. I love their 2day shipping.

  9. If you have to use your same pack that caused you chafing, place a piece of duct tape on your back where the scars are. That will take care of that problem.
    Got scars of my own!

  10. Yep. I love the Intensity also! I've never used anything else so cant compare but I have had no issues with it. My husband uses the HPL and really likes it too. Plenty of room for everything!
    We use the Camelbak bladders though. Just a personal preference.
    Good Luck next weekend! I am sad that I wont be there too (injured).

    1. Oh and I've never had chafing from it...even after 45M of humidity and rain! The hubby had chafing once but wore it without a shirt when that happened.

  11. I have the HP and absolutely love it! Hold plenty. I am petite and it fits me just fine. No chaffing, very comfortable, & it doesn't seem to bother me at all unlike waist backs. Definitely better than Camelbaks as the shoulder straps are very light mesh so don't dig in at all or pull back on the shoulders.

  12. I've had the Intensity for 2+ years and love it. In the front pockets I can cram about 6-8 gels in one pocket, and in the other pocket a small camera, baggie (with ginger chews, Aleve, salt tablets), and 1-2 bags of Chomps. In the back pocket, I can stuff more nutrition, potty supplies, and have even put an extra pair of socks or my arm warmers back there. Also, I like the bungee cord thingy for holding a thin jacket. I did have to replace the bladder on my Nathan after about a year because it sprung a leak. I replaced it with a CamelBack bladder like this one (http://www.camelbak.com/en/Sports-Recreation/AntidoteLanding/Main.aspx) and find that the Camelback is much easier to fill up than the slider that came with the Nathan's original bladder. Hope this helps!

  13. I have the Nathan Endurance and I really like it, the straps are soft and don't chafe and it holds SO MUCH STUFF. Can't believe we are less than a week out - AHHHH!