Daily Chatter

Monday, November 5, 2012

Calories, Calories, Calories

My weekend can be summed up just like that.
Calories, Calories, Calories.
Luckily for me it included a healthy balance of both versions of calories. 
The ones I ate and the ones I burned. 
With company at the house I put Pinterest to actual use.  So I made these: 
Caramel filled apples 
and then ran 10 miles.
The next day I ran 8 miles in the morning and then made these


I could hardly get them baked before hungry fingers were snatching them off the cooling rack. 
The house also needed attention this weekend after so many weekends away.  Although house cleaning has never been one of my favorite tasks it was nice to be at home and not have to drive some where.  Plus the house was squeaky clean for about 5 minutes. 
Today S'ghetti girl is off school which meant I got to put in 11 miles already today.  I think I've earned a cookie or two which I plan to smuggle into our afternoon movie.
The super secret spy is off at work this week so it will be a week of TM and jogging stroller runs as I get closer to Stone Mill 50 miler.  Well, I'm still working on getting the logistical issues with the kiddos worked out.  Part of the challenges of not having a support system.  But at least focusing on that issue will help keep me from stressing over needing to run 50 miles.


  1. Support systems are key. I lack one as well.
    Holy yum you've been busy!

  2. way to go with the miles, and those cookies look amazing!

  3. Take heart that you always burn off all those calories! What's running for if not to burn off all of our indulegnces?!

  4. I think you more than burn those off! Wow, the pumpkin chai cookies sound amazing.

    I can so relate to not having the support system--my husband travels tons. It definitely makes it all challenging!