Daily Chatter

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Reach Your Max

3 people suffering from colds
25 hours clean sweep cleaning a house
2 family Thanksgivings
1 church luncheon
57.9 miles run
Return to Insanity
Start of HHBC
13 Hours of driving
1 Dead mouse
1 crying little boy
Mix all ingredients over a six day period. 
That was the recipe I used to end up in bed this morning until 9 o'clock feeling like a bus had run over me.  I had pushed myself to my max and finally my body told me that was it.  It was done.  It needed some rest.  So this morning when that little boy was crying again I snuggled in bed with him.  The super secret spy would handle taking S'ghetti girl to school.  I had already packed lunches so back to bed I went without a second thought.
I didn't dream about missing an early morning run.  I didn't dream about all that cleaning.  I didn't dream about that mouse.  I didn't dream about Shawn T.  Well, I might have a little.  And when I woke 2 1/2 hours later, I didn't have a single regret for having fallen asleep.  LBM needed the comfort of mommy with him and my body had hit it's Max.  It was time to pause.
I'll still run later today but maybe a shorter distance at a gentle pace.  I'll probably still do Insanity thanks to taking a little extra time this morning to allow my body to rest.  And if I don't I may lose all use of my arms by tomorrow. 
While I wouldn't recommend this recipe to others and I hope to not use it again any time soon.  But it did allow me to quickly see how everything in life can add up.  The past 6 days helped remind me that it's okay to push myself even when life gets hectic and it's also just as okay to allow myself a little extra rest.
What does it take for you to reach your max?


  1. Oh gosh, how I remember those days when you just feel you are going manic trying to balance it all out with sick kiddos! But you are strong and you will persevere - that's what you do best :). Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon!!


  2. Similar ingredients pretty much produce the same results for everyone; add sick kids to any recipe and the result is usually pretty awful.

    Glad you got the extra rest and hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  3. I think the dead mouse would have done me in.

    I hope all are feeling better soon and glad you got some cuddle time and rest in. :)

  4. It happens to the best! I think you made the right choice.