Daily Chatter

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who Am I?

This is me.

I send my hubbs a 'Fun Foto for the Day' most every morning since he is usually waking up without us.  Occasionally I send him a photo of just me.  This was the photo I sent him yesterday morning when I wanted him to see my new shirt.
After sending the email, enduring my first earth quake (check Live through earth quake off my life list!) and finishing my day at work; I was taking photos of the kids with a new toy and I saw the above photo of myself.  I had just emailed a friend of my husband's who is getting ready for his first 50 miler and I wondered, who am I?
Not in the who-do-I-wanna-be-when-I-grow-up kinda way but in the who-the-he##-am-I-to-be-giving-ultra-running-advice-let-alone-running-ultras kinda way.  
Do you ever find yourself wondering, who the he## am I?

Apparently some times I do.

I'm not anyone special.  I'm just a girl who discovered that this running thing was a whole lot more than just a running thing.  The amazement I feel when I step back and see the things I have been allowed to accomplish at time surprises me. 

I caught myself watching the miles tick away on my odometer when we were traveling and thought, "Gee, I ran that far once!" as I saw 50 miles click away.  There must be some level of confidence within me because I am signed up for my next 50 miler in November

because I won't get past thinking, "Who the He## am I?
with a thought that ends in ONCE.


  1. You're an ultrarunning, amazing streaker, cool kinda girl! love that you send your hubs regular pics--I'm sure he does too.

  2. Yes, I sometimes ask myself that, but I also acknowledge that I do know a lot about certain things and have the right to tell others how. You rock the running and certainly have the right to give ultra advice.

  3. SO excited to see another ultra on your calendar. You were made for this!

  4. 3 of my friends are running that race? Do you read Alyssa's blog? http://chocolateismylife-us.blogspot.com/

    I heard there is a 56 mile option for that race too. :)

  5. Awesome that you're signed up for another one! I'm glad to be back and can't wait to follow along:) happy running!

  6. I don't even know what to comment about, I'm just so excited to be ABLE to comment here! Yours has been a blog that I couldn't comment on all summer, but I discovered at work, that if I used Firefox instead of IE, I could comment! Yahoo!