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Saturday, August 6, 2011


What I Wore This Week 
In a effort to change my habit of wearing the same thing day after day

Sunday p.m. run ~ 7 miles

Monday's crazy p.m. run ~ 6.5 miles
with Biking Sherpa and the Anti Sherpa
followed by Insanity

Tuesday's p.m. run ~ 6.5 miles
in my fabulous new sea green Sauconys
followed by Insanity

Wednesday's p.m. rainy run ~ 6.5 miles
followed by family time

Thursday's p.m. downpour run  ~ 6.5 miles in my not longer so new sea green Sauconys
with Little Bug Man and the hundred pound jogging stroller
followed by Insanity and nearly death from exhaustion 

Friday's a.m. run ~ 3.5 miles
Ignore my crazy dog sneaking in the photo

That's my week so far.  Mileage-wise I'm just not where I need to be.  Hopefully next week will be the beginning of a new relationship...with a treadmill in my house again.  fingers crossed
I am doing a decent job of keeping up with the much needed cross training so that makes me happy.
I did wear my Fire on the Mountain Trail 50k shirt (Here & Here) 3 days in a row but sadly I was forced to do laundry every day since Gamer Son got a job and only ONE uniform so at least my shirt was fresh each day.
after Insanity there would be no way to "re-wear" a shirt!
It was a good running week and I am eager as I look forward to a GREAT running week coming up.
New treadmill just can't come soon enough!

What did you wear this week?
Feel free to link your own WIWTW post to mine.
and not washing it nearly enough
I bring you WIWTW to help keep me accountable.

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