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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EQ in VA

LBM holding on for dear life!

Okay we didn't feel it quite that much but we definitely felt the earth quake that hit Virginia today.  Odd timing for such a big quake to happen nearly centered under where; after 8 years of stalling, our family may finally all reside together.  The lack of natural disasters is a big selling point of the wonderful area I call home. 

It just reminded me that we never quite know what the day will hold for us.  I often get caught up in my daily routine and miss out on the moments that life provides me.  But lately with so many big decisions being made, I have been noticing just how every day is really special.

Yesterday when I got home after work I was eager to jump on the treadmill while the kids played.  I have a couple days of double digit runs to put in and I really just wanted them done.  Since the little kids are so accustomed to my running they quickly went about their way playing.  But yesterday they decided to go through the boxes of "old" toys that are stored in my workout room.  They played as if I wasn't even there.  I turned down my headphones and eavesdropped on their imaginary conversations with each other via their dolls.
yes, LBM was playing with a barbie doll too
Their conversations flowed as if scripted, filled with kindness and fun.  Each one seeming to want to encourage the other to continue to play and keep their imaginary world going. 

I thought about how that was exactly what I had been doing for the past 8 years; keeping my imaginary world going.  An imaginary world where everything is safe and predictable as long as nothing changes. 
A world where I don't NEED anyone else.  But just like today's unexpected earth quake, sometimes a little shake up is exactly what we need to achieve the proper perspective.

Day # 471

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  1. What a great post! I felt the same way about the quake, it made me appreciate my normal uneventful days!

  2. We had a small earthquake here in Colorado today, too...small world. Glad you were all ok, and loved your thoughts on your perspectives - very touching!