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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Come On and End Already!

The Streak.

Today is Day# 458.
I wonder some days if the Streak just needs to "end already!"
Take this past Sunday.  We were in VA and spent a lot of time in the car running errands which there are days when that is just unavoidable and typically not a big deal except when those errands don't go smoothly and you end up stuck in your car, quickly running out of gas, in a secure area that you can't leave and get back into without your super secret spy husband. 
So you and the kids wait.
and wait.
and wait.
in the heat.
After apologizes and excuses are made the kids and I were not excited about driving potentially 3+ hours back to PA.  Given the new Cable Family Challenge that would mean making the chose to not get less nurtitionally sound but very fast food but instead stopping and getting an actual meal which would add to our time.
But drive we did.
And stop for a healthy meal, we did.
Get home near 9 p.m., we did.
Knowing that I had not gotten my run in that morning.
Lesley HERE recently posted about Crossing the Line. 
I wonder some days if I cross that line or even know where that line is.  I wonder if I'd even recognize that line if I saw it.
Because at 10:30 Sunday evening with bags still in the kitchen to be unpacked, washed and organized with another road trip pending for Wednesday night, I went for a run.
Not my keep the streak going 2 miler which did you notice, went to 1 miler but 7 humid eavesdropping miles.

Did I cross that line? 
How far back because I don't think I'm gonna turn around.

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