Daily Chatter

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(I'm never) Wordless Wednesday

I have been running, a lot.  My running hasn't all been the "for the joy of running" kind of runs.  With a lack of racing over the summer and dealing with my sore thigh issue which has mostly dissapeared Praise God! my conditioning needed some attention.  That much needed attention came last week in the form of fast double digit runs to reset my pace and quicken my turnover.
Thankfully this week I will be putting in more of the kind of runs I am in love with.  They will be more about getting back to a place of wanting to run and enjoying the time on my feet.

I can only hope that they will look a lot like this:


  1. Yes! Kids show us how it is done. I love nothing better than to watch my daughter run--pure joy, perfect form. Enjoy.

  2. Great that you can get back to running the way you love. Enjoy!

  3. That picture defines 'the joy of running'. It's just glorious!