Daily Chatter

Thursday, September 1, 2011

3TT ~ I'm seeing 3s Edition

This morning was day #3 of 5th grade. 
Our family is still struggling a bit with the new routine.  S'ghetti girl is still hard to get moving in the morning.  LBM still wants to be awake through the middle of the night and then sleep when it's time to be getting ready for his day.  I am still an epic fail on my morning runs and workouts.  BUT it is only day #3 and I know that what is important to each of us will get done.  It may take a few weeks to have the school schedule become habit but it will happen and then we will wonder why it ever was a challenge.

Today God willing will be my third day of double runs. 
Okay, Monday I did a mini-double too but a mile with LBM didn't really count.
I have been enjoying my outside hilly route each evening and then hitting my new-to-me treadmill to finish my miles.  After my mysterious sore thigh episode I am treading lightly on getting what I feel is some lost leg strength back.  I notice the issue most on my hilly 6.5 mile route when I hit the uphills.  My left leg just doesn't have the "push."  I can keep going but the strength to keep my pace up simply isn't there when I hit those hills.  So I have been easing back into my hills.  And if last night's run is any indication, it is working.  I didn't do a warm up typical I simply started running and felt blah.  I thought this run might be another effort but once I hit my first short steep hill something clicked.  It was practically audible!  It was like that place you might be lucky enough to have visited during a run that just goes your way.  It might happen some where in a long run or on a beautiful trail when your mind seems to forget your running.  Your body seems to almost effortlessly move forward and your mind is lost along the way in daydreamy thoughts or familiar scenery that is transformed into something now magically captivating.
Last night my neighbors might have seen me running my "normal" hilly loop but inside I was running some place extraordinary.  And I hope to find my way there again tonight!

Three years ago today it was Labor Day. 
Three years ago today was my labor day and I welcome LBM into the world for the first time.  It was the first time I could hear his voice, smell his LBM smell and hold his little body.  That morning was the first time I could feel him "love me back" after having loved him for over seven months already LBM was early
This morning I woke up with LBM in my arms again.  He slept with me sleep being optional at points through the night last night.  I woke up to that same sweet face, those same sweet smells and feeling that love he sends to me.  But today as he turns 3 years old he can tell me he loves me.  One of my favorite ways is when he says,
"Mommy,  You are my favorite!"

Happy Big Third Birthday LBM!


  1. Happy birthday sweet LBM! Happy back to the school grind to all of you!

  2. Awww Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

    Awesome on the double runs and finding joy & strength on the hills!

    have a great weekend!

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