Daily Chatter

Friday, September 23, 2011

Heading West

That's right!  This East Coastie is coming to see the "more America!"

As you can see I might need a little break from dependant unit time and a little bit more adult supervision.  Hubbs and I are excitedly nervous to get away from those wonderful kiddos for a few days of R&R.
In Shelly speak that means running and romance, isn't that what it means to you?

So I need help finding a race on October 1st near Freemont/San Jose area.
Anyone in the area wanna meet up?  Drop me an email.
I know the weekend will be a big racing weekend with the RnR marathon going on.  But I don't think I will talk Hubbs into letting me run that race.

Fitting my running in will be priority number 1 important.  I already have a plan for my flight days of grabbing a few midnight miles the night before to ensure my streak survives the adventure.  We have also booked a hotel with a treadmill just to be sure however, hubbs is so excited for a few days without the kids crawling on me together that he has fully embraced my crazy streak and is encouraging me to get those miles in so we can fill our days with fun and not be a grouch face

Send me your ideas of how I can get a race in on the West Coast
...or talk Hubbs into dealing with the huge crowds and running the RnR. 


  1. Sounds like SO much fun - have a blast!! I seriously love CA :) Good luck finding a race, too!

  2. Oooh a getaway just for you and hubbs! Sounds fantastic! I'm sure the streak is NOT in jeopardy!

  3. A vaca?! WITH the hubs?!?! Goodness I don't think I know what that is like anymore!!!!! Good luck finding a run to do! You will be flying right over me on your way to your R&R trip :) Give UT a wave as you go by! :)

  4. Darn! I will be probably away this weekend!!! Can you e-mail me a few days before to check? ewa dot bialkowski at gmail dot com.
    SJ Rock RnR has a half too. Is that out of the question also?

  5. You need to get to know Ewa! (if you don't already know her :) She is amazing and I think you two would make great friends.
    Here blog is

  6. http://urbancowhalfmarathon.com/

    Not sure what you mean by "near". This one's in Sacramento (about 100 miles from San Jose), but it's on October 2.

  7. Have you tried Active.Com? They usually list all kinds of run on there that is going on. I would have said the Long Beach half marathon or full but you'll be no where near that...

  8. Shelly! I live in Fremont! OMG. I have already been looking for an event to do that weekend because it is the anniversary of my bunion surgery. However, there is NOTHING. But, I am off on the 2nd and could take you to one of my beloved trails with Boomer, if you are interested. Drop me an email or message on FB if that's something you would like to do. :)