Daily Chatter

Friday, September 16, 2011

Who turned off the heat

Today is Day # 495

Wasn't this photo only yesterday my uber-sweaty evening run with the LBM in jogger? 

Well this morning I was wondering who turned off the heat because it was COLD in SW PA.
I'm talking I need to break out the tights and long sleeves COLD.  Don't get me wrong, I love wearing my tights.  I always have trouble shedding them in the spring time but the issue is that I forgot about tights and such last spring.  I packed those things away after a final wash and barely gave them a thought until I wanted to pull them out this morning.
That would be a no go.
Let me say I did not look like this with the on.

I forgot about the hole in the crotch of those tights so this morning I stuck with the new-to-me-treadmill to grab some just-in-case-Friday-gets-crazy-miles. 
And if you happen to see me out super early running in VA over the weekend and I happen to have on a pair of tights, let's just assume now that I went out and bought new ones.

How far gone will you let your workout gear get before you stop wearing it?


  1. Day #495 holy amazing.

    In awe.

    Since I never leave my house to run....my hear gets pretty crusty before replacing. ;)

  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of tights. I hold out every year as long as possible! There's still some time to wear shorts left, though, I'm convinced!

  3. i hate my tights...but since i am in NH they are a necessity. I don't let it go to far though because I love buying workout clothes....

  4. HA, I run so early in the morning that I could probably run naked and nobody would notice. :-) Just in case delivery boy decides to deliver newspapers early, I don't.
    WOW, five more to go to get to 500!!! How will you celebrate?
    So what is the shortest you allow yourself to run for it to count?

  5. Just trying to work out what's stenciled on those girl's butts. You'd never see me in a pair of those - I just can't wear that shade of yellow.

  6. I like new gear, but that doesnt mean I get rid of the old stuff. I did just finally pass on some Nike running skirts to a friend. They were too big for me... and barely used. She loves them.

  7. I love my tights and I love my long socks. Sometimes when it's really really really cold and believe me it does get cold in Arizona sometimes. I'll wear wool long socks just to keep warm. But you really don't need much here excpet for a wind breaker and a good pair or running shorts and good warm socks.

  8. My tights will probably last forever since I only wear them once or twice a year, but other items -- shorts and bras, they need replacing more frequently!