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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Paid

At times it seems like I am always running.  Running to the grocery store.  Running to let the dogs out.  Running to the sitter's.  Running to work.  Running back home.  Running to get homework done.  Running to make dinner, bath kids, clean up messes, wipe noses, not to mention behinds....
Although I still do most of those tasks while we are in VA, somehow it seems so much easier there. 

I suppose the difference might just stem from what frame of mind I am in.  My runs while in VA this past weekend proved to me that my mind is the strongest part of my body without a doubt!
Are you in the same boat?

I have found a wonderful 8+ mile loop near our house in VA.  It is full of all the things I have loved about running in rural PA the past 20+ years, cows, fields, water, trees, trails, quiet.  It will become my new VA normal run.  What I discovery or at least was reminded of this past weekend was how much different a route can feel from one run to the next.

Saturday's run I felt like I was putting it in on a comfortable pace I ended up averaging somewhere around 8:20 a mile.  I felt relaxed and confident even the hills although challenging where not huge temptations to stop.  Sunday's run was different.  I felt as though I was really working the entire run.  The hills teased at me to walk.  They said things like, "your training for a ultra so it's okay to walk!" and "You've run everyday for almost 500 days.  Go on! Walk a little.  You deserve a break."  or the most tempting, "No one will know.  just walk."  I made it to the intersection at about 6 miles and stopped.  I walked back and forth across the road convincing myself that it was just hotter than yesterday or I was simply a bit tired.  But I knew the truth. 
My mind just wasn't in the run.
And then I paused on the side of the road looking up the next hill I had to run, wondering what was wrong with me.  I stretched out my hamstrings mentally rallying to finish the run.  That's when I saw a perfect circle on the ground amongst the litter which is out of control in VA
I looked closer and recognized the silhouette

...a Susan B. Anthony Dollar.
That changed everything.
With my mind now occupied on something as silly as finding a long lost coin, I breezed home. 

I was just so excited to tell my husband that we might need to look at my race schedule because I was no longer a amateur...
now I'm a paid athlete!

What's the best loot you've ever found while on a run?
Ever win money for a race?


  1. Whenever I walk hills, I tell myself that I'm just training very accurately for a 50 miler. :)

    One time I won a 25 dollar gift card for a Mexican joint at a small 5K!

  2. I've found a quarter, I think. :) Never won money for a race, nor will I. :D

  3. I've never found money while running, but I've found it other places. I once found 2 $20s on the floor at Target.

  4. Yes, if you count a creepy nutcracker with a tiny baby glued to it as currency.

  5. I've recently run with people who found TEN DOLLAR BILLS! Why wasn't I running up front on those days??

    Amazing how a little distraction goes a long way.

  6. Now we can call you pro! Fun discovery. I have won money at races (never a ton) and it's a fun change from the silly trophies and medals!

  7. Wow, you've turned pro. Will we start to see your face popping up everywhere endorsing stuff?

  8. Immediately after attending the funeral of a dear running friend I went for a wild run in his memory. In the absolute middle of nowhere I found a folded £5 note lying on the ground. It was if my old friend was there with and saying 'Have a drink on me'.

  9. oooo! I like Ewa's answer!
    I found a purple caped superhero cupie doll once.

  10. And you deserve 50,000 of those dollars, girl - you get up and get out there no matter if your mind is in it or not, because you know in the end, you will like yourself that much more!! That dollar was super lucky to find YOU!!