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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I MUST have a Crush on my Treadmill

Post might be uncharacteristically rated PG-13
Today is Day #507

Since I am married-single-parenting through the week I have resorted lately to using the new-to-me treadmill all too often.  With homework added into the mix I need to get my miles done but some days still be available to assist during homework hour.  The compromise is that I run a little bit more on the treadmill. 
LBM does not like the routine as much as his big sister but I do want I have to do to fit it all in.

But every time I am on the treadmill I sweat like a sinner in church. I usually have three towels with me and they are all soaked by the time I am done. My clothes are actually dripping wet. You'd think that I had just finished running in the Badlands! For a girl who openly admits to NOT washing her running clothes after every wash, this is an issue.

The only other thing I can think of that makes me sweat so easily is when I get nervous. Like when I first met my Hubbs. He would make me so nervous that I'd be sweating in minutes.

I must have a crush on my treadmill!

Do you crush on your treadmill too?  How do you handle the excessive sweating?


  1. What is this "treadmill" thing you speak of? Is it a special place where they put tread on tires?


  2. I run on the treadmill as well during the week because I have a daughter. It's hot...I have a celing fan, stand up fan behind me and a fan on the treadmill..it's still hot. I think it's good training though for those hot and humid races as I seem to handle them much better than most people. Has to be some advantage I guess.

  3. I most definitely do NOT have a crush on my treadmill, but I was surprised how sweaty I did get in my very cold garage yesterday while I was running.
    I AM a super sweater in general and MUST wash my clothes immediately after a workout or they are ruined with stink.

  4. Treadmill running is indeed sweaty. I make sure I have my fan on and open the windows right by my treadmill so a breeze can come through. Although the other day I started smelling burning and panicked it was my "love" but it was only something outside.

  5. My treadmill and I are pretty intimate! When my foot was bad and when I first started back running, everything was on the treadmill - I was just too afraid to be miles away from home and having a bad spell and having to limp home for miles (been there, no fun). I also use my treadmill when it's too hot, too cold, and too allergy-ridden outside. And yep, I lose massive weight (temporarily) on the thing...but I MUST wash my clothes after every run, I just am pretty grossed out by my smell. Ha.

  6. I sweat profusely on the treadmill, I sweat profusely on the trail, I sweat profusely on the sidewalk - what could that mean? :-)

  7. I have a crush on my treadmill too, even though it's a girl. I have no solution to the sweat. I just tell myself it means my body is extra efficient.

  8. Sweaty girl here too. Went for a run with hubby the other morning, he had a light sheen, I was dripping. Inside on the treadmill (I don't own one, I resort to the gym if it's pouring rain) or on my stationary bike, drip, drip, drip. Just fact of bad genes along with my premature grey hair. Thanks mum.

  9. I'm like that when I use my exercise bike. It's because you don't get that lovely air flow that you get when you're outside. So sometimes I've set up a fan in front of me and it makes such a difference.

  10. We've had the new treadmill a few weeks now and I have only been on it for a couple of miles, but even THAT worked up a good sweat!

  11. I want a treadmill! I SO WISH I had one at home!!

    I embrace excessive sweating....then again I'm addicted to hot yoga.....

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