Daily Chatter

Monday, September 26, 2011

A conversation I wish I could have

"Shelly, I'm so proud of you.", my Dad.

Remembering my Daddy,
who is with me in my heart on every run,
as I ran this Sunday
September 25th
7 years since he was set free


  1. I just positively know he is saying that to you from above!!

  2. I so often feel this same way about my own father. I know he'd be proud of you and all you've done!

  3. Wherever he is, I know he is proud!

  4. He is with you and yes, I would love to have that very same conversation with my Dad. Peace and Love!

  5. Loved ones are with us as long as we keep their memory alive. I am sure your dad is proud of you.

  6. I'm sure he was right there beside you as you ran, making his presence felt, and giving you strength.

  7. You don't think you've done this streak all by yourself do you???? We'll always be daddy's girl! Thanks for sharing.