Daily Chatter

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can We Keep it G Rated?

Sunday evening I went for a night run.  Something that I will be doing a few times this week with yet another crazy busy week on tap. 

I am often a bit nervous when I start the practice of running in the dark.  As the seasons change I will have more and more p.m. runs that start in the day light and finish in the dark.  Those runs don't really bother me at all.  It seems like the gradually loss of light over the run allows me to still feel "safe" out there even with the jogging stroller.  However when I have to leave the light and safety of my house and head out into the dark the first few times are a bit nerve racking. 
That was until I remembered just how humorous running in the dark in the late summer early fall can be.
It's during this time of year that many in my rural community leave their doors and windows open.

Let's just say on a double out and back you can really get to know your neighbors!
Sound travels people!  Let's keep it G rated.


  1. HA! Hilarious! I love it!!!! :0)

  2. Hahah, too funny!!
    Happy weekend, girl! (a bit early, but I will be gone this weekend).

  3. HA! You just never know what you'll see or hear...

    There are some rowdy areas on my usual routes where guys are out in their cut-off jean shorts and topless, drinking beer on lawn chairs in the driveway. Always entertaining!

  4. Wahaha! Too funny!
    Thanks so much for your input re: Tommie Copper!

  5. So funny! I saw a gentleman making coffee when I was at the track last week and thought he should really invest in some window treatments.

  6. A bit of oversharing going on?