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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

LBM had to help

I ran before this and I was so glad I did because Friday evening my sister and BIL had the
Seriously, if you look up BEST PICNIC EVER there will be photos from our picnic! 
Unless you Webster's is really old in which case you'd oughta' get a new one.
Not only were there really cool wagon rides and more food than I could have taken photos of had I remembered to take photos before I eat it all, we also had a live DJ and light show.

My attempt to get a photo of S'ghetti Girl dancing in the lights

S'ghetti girl had a blast!  Okay we all did.  We eat and danced our night away!  So much fun.
With Irene potentially messing up our weekend plans, we played it safe and stayed in PA
much to the disappointment of my little kiddos
and got caught up on some much needed chores.

Where did all this stuff come from??

This mess is my room filled with all the junk we took out of my daughter's room!  Seriously!  I wish you could see this more clearly but my room was packed with junk! 
Maybe a little bit of me is glad you can't see it too well because it is down right embrassing
We worked all day Saturday as in we didn't stop until after 9:30 p.m.
p.m. that's night time folks! 
Good thing I got up early and ran...on the treadmill.  Not the great trail miles I was planning on.  Booo Irene!

S'ghetti Girl's favorite part of her clean room

The reward is that now we can actually see my daughter's floor!  The poor trash man is going to be in shock since I usually try to limit out trash to one bag a week and when he takes it on Tuesday we will have at least five! 
Again embrassing and completely not earth friendly!

Ready to watch a movie from the top of the bunk beds

The weekend might not have been what I had planned but we made great use of our time and by Sunday evening we were able to relax and enjoy our efforts!

p.s.  Mom Hint: 
What better way to make your kids ready to start back to school than a super big chore?!

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  1. How on earth do you limit your trash to one bag a week with a family? That's another reason to be in awe of you.

  2. I can't believe how fast *stuff* accumulates and how quickly it becomes junk. Anytime I clean up our house I am totally embarrassed by how much we have to get rid of.