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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Having Pharmaceuticals Can Inspire Others to Workout

Yesterday you were introduced to the Anti-Sherpa.  She is a wonderful girl who is admittedly a work in progress but Biking Sherpa and I will get her to come around to the dark healthy side.  We have our ways!
Take the other night, Anti-Sherpa was all in for biking with Biking Sherpa while I ran after a few text taunts.  And even though she didn't completely understand the biking sherpa rules, (I mean she didn't have time to read the Sherpa handbook after all) we still enjoyed her company and the extra target for some of our mile numbing fun. 
After our run Biking Sherpa joins me a few nights a week for Insanity.  This was explained to the Anti-Sherpa prior to the ride.  In all her big talking she said that she's done P90X.  Oh well, bring it!  There wasn't any way that we were going to let her off without joining us for Insanity after that comment.
We found the Anti-Sherpa back at my sister's house preparing to sneak away leave!  She was chatting away on her cell phone and had we been 2 minutes longer she would have made a clean escape.  She had gotten a call from her mom who needed her to stop by the drug store before they close.
It took quite a bit of prodding and promising and a teeny bit a fibbing but after vowing to provide her with the pharmaceuticals that her mother had requested we tricked motivated her into doing Insanity Cardio Plyo Circuit...we only told her that we'd do Cardio Abs and simply put in the wrong disk. heeheehee
We all did it.  We all laughed.  We all sweated like crazy.  Even the famous non-sweating Biking Sherpa!  It was the fastest 40 minutes of Insanity that I have ever done. 
In the end, I know the Anti-Sherpa was secretly happy that she had joined us in the workouts and in the celebratory popsicles. 
You just never know what things you have to use to encourage others to be more fit.



  1. Ha, I like it! I love getting someone new into training.

  2. HAHA!!!! Awesome!

  3. You can't let her off the hook that easy! Awesome job to all of you!!

  4. Just as well you've got a well-stocked drug cupboard.

  5. Popsicles are worth a little sweat, huh?!? :)