Daily Chatter

Thursday, January 26, 2012

# 2

My training plan.
yeah I do have one.
its written in pencil
good thing considering how much erasing I have done lately.

This weekend is to be my 20/12 b2b long run. 
I can tell you now that will not happen this weekend
we are in Virginia.

That's the thing with my life.  It doesn't seem to care that I have a plan.
It doesn't care that in about 16 weeks I could be high up on a mountain half lost on a rocky trail frantic to make friends with another runner who wants to run, in the dark, through the night, with their new best friend, me.
My life doesn't care about any of that.
This week my back to backs came early in the week and spanned 3 days.

That is the way my life goes.  A bit off-plan.  Often unpredictable.
But come to think of it. 
My training my be exactly the plan I need to see my way to a 100 mile finish line.
Ultras tend to be a bit unpredictable.  They rarely follow a plan.

With 16 weeks to go, I think I might actually be right on track.

If you are wondering were I am on the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 wait
list click Here

How important is it to you to "follow the plan"?


  1. I more do a plan in my head than on paper, other than my long runs. And I just go with it week to week. Plans are great, but so is flexibility.

    Today I could comment! Hurray! I think it has something to do with being first, just something I've noticed from other blogs. Crazy.

  2. You moved up another spot!

    You always make it work... THAT is one of the reasons yo are made for this.

  3. If I relied on following a plan to a T, I would have no hair left, might be divorced and would need to be commited to an insane asylum. Seriously. I am all about flexibility when it comes to "my" plan. But, one thing I do know....just like you...life may change my plan, but I WILL get it done one way or another. It just makes me tougher! :) Stay at it girl!

  4. I read somewhere that ultra runners are different from marathoners because they don't follow training plans, they just run as much as they can every day. :)

  5. I've found that my best plans are usually the ones that I make a week out at the most. I have longer range plans, but they are MUCH more loose and forgiving..mainly focusing on the timing of the longer runs.

  6. Hey, I just looked at "the list", and it looks like you would make it if the same number of people left the waiting list as they did last year. Here's to keeping the fingers crossed...

  7. I had to explain about plans to my son this week. He has a 15 year plan and a couple of road bumps have emerged. He's having to learn that flexibility is one of the most important aspect of any good plan.

  8. Thank you soooo much for this post today...I am training for my first ultra and it has been a bit like you described above and I have now hit a little bump in the road (injury of course) and have had the "eraser" out trying to stay flexible and open-minded. Thx so much and Run On.