Daily Chatter

Friday, January 20, 2012

My New Squeeze

Can they help offset 57 miles so far this week?

The arrived in an inconspicuous plastic packing bag.  I think they were trying to their presence unknown.  My usual compression shorts were tucked away waiting for me to get my evening run done.  I just won't let them know I had a visitor. 

This is the result of a 10 year old offering posing advice

I put on these incredibly soft shorts more easily than I thought I would.  After reading many reviews that talked about how tight they were I expected them to be, well tighter.  I did not wear them during my run I have only worn them after my run so a full review will have to wait but if first impression are any indication.

Be glad you can't really see my toe!

I might have a new squeeze in my house!

Thanks to Marcia The Studly Runner for the great Aspaeris Pivot Shorts.


  1. They look like a good length too. Hope they work out for you!

  2. I have wanted to try these. let us know if you love them

  3. I like that length - I only have ones just under my knees - too hot for an Aussie summer.

  4. These look good. I am looking forward to your review.

  5. If anybody deserves some new compression gear, it's you! Enjoy!!