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Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Things Friday ~ Let's not kid ourselves Edition

I am not silly enough to think that I actually have 301 followers.  But that is what Blogger is telling me.  On the verge of Google Friend Connect going away I am happy that new people are finding me interesting or amusing enough to hang out with.  I know most of the "followers" don't come around anymore but I still want to celebrate you, faithful reader, who comes back time and time again.  To read about how I am still running every day and still praying to get into that 100 mile race.  Still running the same races as last year (hopefully a little faster). 

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I move up another spot on THE wait list! 
It does make me feel a little bit bad that in hoping to get into the Massanutten Mountain  Trail 100.  I am really hoping that 71 other people either hurt themselves, don't believe in themselves and simply can't keep up with the training.  Let's not pretend any different, as bad as that is, I am hoping those 71 others hurry up and do it soon!

It was report card day.  That is either a day of joy or a day of misery.  As I am the mother of a rock star, it was a day of joy for her and pride for me. 
But I am no any different than most parents.  I can remember how my folks did it to me too.
The Scene:  S'ghetti hands me her report card.  Face beaming.
Me:  That's great honey!  Look at those grades. 
S'ghetti:  I improved my math grade and got 99% in science again!  I am going to be a chemist...
She continues but I'm now comparing the first 9 weeks to the second.  And as if nearly straight As wasn't good enough (which it is), I open my mouth and start saying how "we" con improve in a few places.
I don't pretend to be the best mom but even I should have known that all her hard work simply needed praise in that moment.  The "extra work" in those other areas could have waited for a later time.

I secretly registered for another 50k.  This one at the end of February.  It was only $19.85 to register.  But I'm not fooling anyone with fact that I will have to tell Hubbs that I need to do a "little" 31 mile training run...and it might require a hotel stay. 
click HERE
If you want to join me. 

After 628 days of streaking you might think that those runs are so ingrained that I hardly think about them.  Well, you'd be right.  So much so that I am sometimes guilty of not thinking about how far I have already ran in a given week.  I simply run my "usual" run each night.  So I am not kidding when I say I haven't remembered to that an actual cutback week in about 8 weeks.  And that is only if you count dropping down 4 miles as a step back.
If you don't use DailyMile then the 55 and 12 might look odd.  That's the week that went from December to January so DM split it.
Since we will be traveling this weekend, I think I might actually be successful in stepping back!
I know my body will thank me even if my mind disagrees.

Are you thinking about "follower" with GFC going away?

Waiting it out for any races this year or did you get into everything you wanted?

Did you kids enjoy a joy-filled or misery-filled report card day?

Have you ever secretly registered for a race?

How many miles or what percentage do you use to call it a "step back" week in your training?


  1. I am already subscribed to you via email, so got that base covered. Need to do the same for a bunch more, too. And need to spread the word to my followers too!

    We have report cards today too. Hoping to see good ones and like you, try to stay quiet if there's an area for improvement!

  2. It's so nice to be able to comment on blogs again! I tried last week, but still couldn't...I loved loved your post about your family farm - it brought back a ton of memories for me...

    I got disparaged by my oldest a couple weeks ago when I called her out on slipping grades. And yes, they were only slipping to B's ("you know Mom - lots of parents would be happy with B's!") but it's tough to not be overzealous in encouraging them to do their best...

    your step back weeks are sill higher than I've ever run in a week. Love that :)

  3. Congrats to S'ghetti girl!!! Good job on those grades! Keep that enthusiasm up!

    As for you, it's no surprise to me that you accidently signed up for another 50k so I'm sure it'll come as no surprise to him either! LOL!

  4. I didn't know that about Google, but it doesn't really concern me and my one follower.:) Hope you make it into your 100-miler!

    We always do a family discussion before I sign up for races. It has to fit into the schedules, but so far it hasn't been a problem. Still haven't signed up for fall races, but I have a lot of them in my mind.

  5. Hey I think Yo Momma's 1 follower is me! :D
    Report card time here is joyous. Thing 1 takes great pride in her grades and pushes herself hard. No prodding needed from me
    As for the loss of GFC, I'm not too hung up about it. WHoever chooses to stop by certainly will.
    Very nice training as always girl. For a stepback week, I cut my long run back by 1/3 to 1/2. that's really it. I run nowhere the mileage you do though.

  6. I didn't know GFC was going away... boo! How do you get a subscribe button?
    I'll probably run more races this year, so far I'm only signed up for a half in May.
    We aren't into report cards yet. :) thank goodness
    I wouldn't secretly sign up for a race; I need to know it's ok with Anthony first :)
    um...I don't know?

  7. Can we still follow you and other blogs using the Dashboard? I am so cornfused! Your mileage is insane! Excited for you...and love yoru 31 mile run!

  8. Very interesting hearing about report card day from the other side of things! Most of our parents don't even look at the report cards we teachers work so hard writing, so, I say the fact that you took the time to discuss it makes you a fantastic parent! I've registered for races and forgot to tell my husband....does that count?

  9. I have not heard about GFC going away, figures though. I so need to get on Wordpress....maybe when my new computer comes in (I am behind again on blogs b/c my laptop again died. Had to buy a new one this time!).

    Nice work on the report card, yay! I know what you mean about the ole foot in the mouth, I feel I do it all the time with my daughter. At least my daughter tells me so all the time :/.

  10. If you don't want to subscribe via email You can also subscribe to the blog using Google Reader ( http://google.com/reader ) so that you can keep up to date with all of your blogs from one web interface too - may be easier than email. Might be helpful for some people?

  11. I will follow you, no matter how I have to do it. :) Love reading about the adventures of your daily life... in the home, on the roads, wherever it may be.

    Yup, last year hubs and I signed up for and RAN a "secret" marathon without telling a single person. I loved the thrill of it!