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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lastest from the CDC: This could be contagious

In a recent announcement from the CDC regarding patients afflicted with a condition long diagnosed, runrunrunitis, have now be displaying a progressive array of symptoms. 


The CDC has not reported whether this is a result of the runrunrunitis condition or if this new discovered racealottaultracoccal is a variant strain of a virus emerging in patients who fall within similar parameters.


Early studies were inconclusive regarding the duration of infection.  One study indicated that this disease will display symptoms and then potentially go into a apparent dormant state only to return weeks, months, even years later.  Other studies seem to show evidence that re-exposure to others afflicted with runrunrunritis brought about a reemergence of the racealottaultracoccal in patient who previously demonstrated symptoms.

CASE STUDY # 111269

Female patient in otherwise good health presented with an ongoing case of runrunrunitis.  The patient displayed the classic progression throughout her long running infection. 

Classic progression:  Increased physical activity, expansion of social groups, increased sunlight exposure, progressive desire to move more, culminating in an injury.  These injuries are typically of the lower body and seemingly self induced.

Due to early detection of the infection, even after more than 20 years, the patient has remained injury free.  However on recent evaluations the patient has been exhibiting an expanding array of symptoms, both physical and mental.

Increased confidence
Heightened awareness of time
Adhering to a strict daily routine
Obsessive interest in diet, weather and clothing often focusing on foot wear
Lack of energy
Loss of confidence

These symptoms continued for 16 - 24 weeks

In the final phase of the disease the patient exhibited:
extreme joy
increased appetite

This final stage presented in a group setting and is cause for further study to determine if reinfection occurs due to the close proximity of others as reemergence of the initial symptoms is sometimes spontaneous.  Others displayed a delayed return of symptoms.

I wish to thank all those who help with this case study.  In particular Dr.s R. and K. Brown, RunER; K. Spradlin, RD; B. Powell, iRunFar without whom this study would never have been brought to light.

If you feel you are exhibiting any of these symptoms and would like to participant in a study, please leave your case history in the comments below or email me directly.

although all these "symptoms" are true  for me and ultra running, this case study and illness is fictional. 
Ultra Running is not a disease, it's a gift!!


  1. My husband has been telling me all along that there is something wrong with me....could he be right?

  2. I'm sure it's contagious. I would never have contemplated doing a marathon before hanging around people who thought that running a marathon was what everyone did.

  3. hahaha you're too funny. Very contagious.

    PS: tagged ya in a post!

  4. I've been displaying symptoms for years. Sadly, the doctors don't have any idea of what to do. Once again, it looks like Canadians are going to have to go south for medical help.