Daily Chatter

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Side Rails

Last night I had a killer run!  The training plan I am modifying using for the MMT 100 this May has a lot of B2B but I can't always fit them in on the weekends so I shuffle things around a bit to fit into my family's plan for life.  That reality had me on my treadmill last night for 15 miles. 

Having gotten off work early thanks to a dentist appointment and having my oldest home to help with his brother and sister, I could have done this run outside but I chose to be on the mill.  It was a decision made easy because I had a movie to watch.


My side rails got a bit more visiting during this run than any in recent history. It was a very moving story and spoke to me on many levels. It is a movie about 4 fathers who find a need to follow the Bible's teachings on how to be a Godly father and the head of a household. The obvious message is an amazing one that I hope every family hears. But there is a message for everyone in the family, not just the fathers.

When I write a post I rarely think about whether my readers will "like" it or not. I hope that what I have to share will be of some use to my readers but I rarely consider that a post might get 1 comment like this one because I choose to share something beyond my children's antics and my running. 

It takes courage to do many things in life.  And that's the point.  It takes courage to get on a treadmill for 15 miles.  It takes courage to put your beliefs out there.  It takes courage to run a 5k, a marathon, a 50 miler or a 100.  It takes courage to look into the sweet eyes of your children and accept the responsibility for raising them.  And it takes courage to make yourself aware of what you are asked to do in your life.  Because once you are aware you are responsible to do it!

In our families, in our running or swimming or biking, in our work, in our faith; it takes courage to step out and do what makes us stand out.  Are you feeling courageous?

Have you seen Courageous?  What did you think?
What have you done lately to stand out?


  1. I have not seen it, but it sounds like a great message. Glad you found some inspiration on your run.

    You're so right, every single thing that we do takes courage. I have gone out of my comfort zone on many levels recently, so I think that makes me feel courageous!

    Great job getting those miles in, as always!

  2. I haven't seen it. I haven't seen much but Phineas and Ferb recently.

    I try to be courageous every day. I always tell the girls that they should play to their strengths but constantly do the things that scare them. I, too, try to emulate this.

    I think you are very courageous. You tackle challenges, especially in your running, that few would even consider. I'm always in awe.

  3. Crap, am I supposed to be thinking of what my readers will like when I write blog posts? If so, I've been doing it wrong :). It's hard to think of much I've done lately to stand out, but I know I've been there for my family when things have been tough this past week, so I'll pat myself on the back for that :). And you deserve a gold star for 15 treadmill miles.

  4. I haven't heard of this movie but will need to keep my eyes out for it.

    Great job with the 15 miles on the treadmill. I may need to change the positioning of mine so I could actually watch a movie. Right now I would need to look over my left shoulder. Probably not a good idea for any lengthy duration. :)

  5. Fifteen treadmill miles, woohoo! That is courageous. I haven't seen that movie, but I think it's made by the same people who made Fireproof. We had to turn Fireproof off because the acting/script was so horrible. It's a shame because I'm sure I would have liked the message. Just wish they could get bigger budgets to make films about God so that the acting wouldn't be so painful.

  6. After reading your post I had my husband go out and buy this movie. It has such a GREAT message! Thanks for having the courage to put it out there. :) I can see why you were having to hold onto the rails... I'd hold on to them too. Thanks for your blog, it's such a great inspiration to me.