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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A long engagement

Even though I haven't yet done a year end or a 2012 goal post, you wouldn't have to be reading very often
but of course you read every day, right?
to know that my A goal for 2012 is to go for the 100.

yeah, as in miles run at one time. 
on trails, in the mountains, through the day and through the night, without dying or falling off a cliff.

To achieve that I registered for the Massenutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run.
Like many true trail races, the MMT 100 has a limited field of runners.  To allow runners a some what equal opportunity to run a very popular race MMT 100 uses a great lottery system as part of their registration.  The next step of the system was on January 4th, the last day for "lottery winners" to submit payment and stay on the entrants list.  On that day I went from a potential 158th to 75th. 

That's right there are 74 people ahead of me on the wait list.
The race only allows 205 runners to be on the entrants list.

As mose of my readers are beyond the fourth grade and can do simple math, I'm sure you can see that I might have a long engagement with the wait list.

Fellow ultra friends who have run MTT 100 many times assure me that with the next two steps on April 16 the (last day to withdrawal with full refund) and May 1st (last day to withdrawal with partial refund) many entrants will drop out for a list of reasons. 

The race scheduled for May 12 - 13.

As exciting as the possiblity of doing a 100 mile ultra is, it would kinda be nice to know before the day of the race that I am going to get in.

What is the shortest notice you have ever had that you made it into a race?

What do you think of race lottery systems?  Level the play field or should it be first come first served?

for a complete explanation of MTT 100's lottery system click here


  1. My hubby didn't end up taking his spot in the lottery this year because he's focusing on hard rock instead (and is trying to be kinder to his vacation time limits).

    I know that waiting for Massanutten is torture, but have you thought of coming up with a backup plan 100 in case you don't get in? I would hate to see all this amazing training result in disappointment :-)

  2. I don't know that I'd do too well with the waiting. I understand their system and think it's probably fair but yeah, you'd probably want to know before May 1!

  3. I think the waiting is hard but sounds like in those types of races it is part of the "game" and challenge! I've already been telling people that I virtually know someone who is running 100 miles! I WANT you in!

  4. That is tough! will you just train like you ARE doing it?

    I think lottery systems are fair. the first come, first serve just doesn't seem to work for everyone (ie: those who can't gain access via work when something opens).

    Really hoping you get in!!

  5. The waiting would drive me crazy! Hang in there girl!!! And you would think the run would be challenging enough.

  6. Not knowing would make me CRAZY!!! I don't know if I could pour my heart into training for an event like that, not knowing if I'd get in .. then again, your training is just your lifestyle and you'd probably want to be doing it anyway. GOOD LUCK all the same!

  7. oh man that would be really tough for me...i think the thought that i might get in would get me through training, but if i didn't...i'm not sure i'd keep going for another race

  8. Do you have a back up 100 in case this one falls through but you're already training? I've heard really good things about the Umstead 100 in NC!

  9. I HATE not knowing exactly how things are going to go, so this would drive me insane. Seems like you're getting the training in either way though, so you'll be ready! I've never done a race with a lottery (for the above reason).

  10. Wow, that is quite a system!! I wouldn't do well with the wait. I hope that you get in, but if not do you have a back-up race?